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What is the New Age?

According to a view, the New Age appears after an average cycle of 2,150 years. It started in the second half of the twentieth century, sometime from 1960s to 1970s, and has continued to flourish since then. Its central conception revolves around the integration of the eastern and occidental intellectual and mystical traditions. The movement aims at liberating the individual from the regimented beliefs and dogmas that have imprisoned the minds of the people since hundreds of years. It propagates the principle of self-help through the study of various subjects such as psychics, witchcraft, psychology, paganism, science, technology-in fact any source of knowledge and empowerment. It infuses the courage in the people to speak out the truth like the innocent child who said: the king is sitting without clothes when every courtier said he was magnificently attired in a finely woven dress.

In psychics, the New Age is also called the Age of Aquarius, the eleventh sign of zodiac represented by the water career. Water irrigates and transforms even the barren and arid area into productive, lush and fertile land. This Age is truly called the awakener age or the Golden Age of Enlightenment.  It is the age of openness and freedom characterised by the advent of internet and social media. The Age of Aquarius follows the age of Pisces which is regarded as the period of conflict as it is marked by the dominance of baser energies such as ego, jealousy, greed and ignorance. The Age of Aquarius dawns when the moon enters the seventh house and Mars and Jupiter come into alignment with each other. This is the time when peace and love guide the movement of stars and planets. The New Age is, therefore, an age of limitless freedom of thought and action, but in the positive direction. People are breaking the old barriers of blind beliefs and superstitions and creating a new and better world order dominated by energy, reason and effervescence.


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