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What Is The Difference Between Mediums And Psychics?

Psychics and mediums are commonly brought up in discussions regarding spirituality and divination. Most people mistake their jobs and believe that these two are the same. What most people know is that they have different roles in life and issue different services for people. The terms psychic and medium are commonly used interchangeably. They may both be regarded in the field of communication with other world beings such as those who belong in the spiritual world. Nonetheless, we should know that there is a thin line between the two. These two are different in many ways.


Mediums are the ones who have the ability to communicate with the dead spirits. They have the intuition of knowing what these spirits need to tell to the people who are still alive. The people who want to communicate with their passed away relatives may contact mediums. They serve as the channel between the spiritual and living world. With this, they conduct the process called as channeling. Channeling refers to creating connection between, for example, a living individual and a deceased relative. Mediums are there to guide people in communicating with the “other side”.


Psychics work in an intuitive level. There are individuals who have the ability to know information which is unknown to others. They have the ability to see through things that a normal person would not see. Psychics can issue out predictions which is suggested to be true. Events may also be known or predicted by Psychics. In other words, people regard them as those having a “sixth sense” beyond the usual five senses Psychics have extrasensory perception. These are used in issuing reading and interpreting it in the way that the person consulting would understand it.


It is said that a medium can have the abilities of a psychic. Nonetheless, psychic may not be a medium. Medium may use the communication between the spirits to know more about information unknown to living individuals. Most mediums and psychics are clairvoyant. Clairvoyants have the ability to see the spirits of the dead. They are the ones that can potentially talk with them. With this, they can have necessary details about the spirit world which is essential to the living world.

Future Foretelling

Predicting what may happen in the future is a difficult task. Not all prediction is 100% accurate and can come true. However, there are still people who trust fortune telling in knowing things which are out of hand in the field on love, finance career and travel. There are many tools in fortune telling. A fortune teller may use cards, crystal balls or just plain sixth sense. With this, they may be able to spiritually separate from what is known and what is unknown. This is done when the fortune teller is in a state of trance.

Psychics and mediums are very important in today’s time. They are really helpful when a person is in doubt and needs guidance about things he/she does not know. Nevertheless, it is still important to weigh the learned things before deciding what is best in a person’s life.


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