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What is Tarotology?

In the mid-15th century in certain parts of Europe, tarot cards are used for amusement and to play games like French Tarot and Italian Tarocchini. It was then used for divination practices known as Tarotology in the late 18th century. It is used to calculate possible results and outcomes and assess influences and impacts that surround an event or a person.  Another term for tarot reading is Taromancy, which is a division of Cartomancy.

Cartomancy is a divination with the use of cards in general.

Tarot card reading is not actually about foretelling a person’s future or fortune; it is about connecting and being contact with a person’s higher self and this reading could be used as a tool for self-discovery. One reason why a person would want to have or book a tarot card reading would be to open and access more choices or information about a certain issue and be amply knowledgeable when the time of choosing or making a decision comes. Although, of course, it is still up to the person to, whether or not, follow the additional information given or shown by the cards, it doesn’t give a guaranteed answer to question that one is seeking answers to.

A spread is what tarot readers call the arrangement of the cards that they deal with during a reading. Each position defines and gives knowledge about a certain aspect that the client would want to know about. There are two common spreads used by tarot readers;

  1. Three fates

This consists of three cards; the first card tells about the past of a person, the second card deals with the present and the third card is associated with what happens in the future.


  1. Celtic cross

This consists of ten cards that may deal with different issues in life containing information and knowledge about the future, the past, personal dilemmas and problems and contrasting truth or domination.

In a full 78-card deck of tarot cards, there are two parts:

  1. Major Arcana

There are 22 trump cards that have no suits:

  1. The Magician – first trump card; capabilities, flair and resources, big goals, dreams

  2. The High Priestess – second trump card; subconscious mind, intuition, hidden agendas

  3. The Empress – third trump card; gentle power

  4. The Emperor – fourth trump card; supreme ruler, irresistible power, spiritual knowledge

  5. The Hierophant – fifth trump card; spiritual authority, teacher

  6. The Lovers – sixth trump card; mutual attraction, intense affection

  7. The Chariot – seventh trump card; success, triumph, a roadmap

  8. Strength – eighth trump card; a hero, courage

  9. The Hermit – ninth trump card; lesson and reward, solitude and misfortune

  10. Wheel of Fortune – tenth trump card; unpredictable, a chance

  11. Justice – eleventh trump card; rule of law, truth

  12. The Hanged Man – twelfth trump card; personal sacrifice, alternative perspectives

  13. Death – thirteenth trump card; loss, coming to an end, death, transformation

  14. Temperance – fourteenth trump card; moderation, patience

  15. The Devil – fifteenth trump card; nemesis, fiend, dependencies

  16. The Tower – sixteenth trump card; failure, destruction

  17. The Star – seventeenth trump card; contemplation, distance, reflect, hope and faith

  18. The Moon – eighteenth trump card; longing, hope of fulfillment

  19. The Sun – nineteenth trump card; triumph

  20. Judgment – twentieth trump card; ultimate judgment, result, enlightenment

  21. The World – twenty first trump card; opportunity and success

  22. The Fool – twenty second trump card; innocence, ignorance, carelessness


  1. Minor Arcana

There are 56 cards that are divided into 4 suits with 14 cards each suit. The customary Italian suits are cups, coins, wands or batons and swords.

There are different ways and ideas on how a tarot card reader reads and interprets the deck. Most readers would have to reach out and access their universal understanding or consciousness. The tarot cards are merely a tool that they use to collect the needed information of their clients. Other readers reach out to their spirit guides, gods and other supernatural beings to be able to provide a meaningful and consequential reading.



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