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What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is a theoretical and conceptual belief that our dear world is composed of two basic and rudimentary substances, these two are matter and spirit. Spiritualists believe that actual spiritual entities like deities, spirits of the people who passed away and souls exists. They also believe in the state of the afterlife where the souls of the departed go to after their lives here on Earth.


Spiritualism could also refer to a religion or a doctrine to some people who believe that there is a spiritual relationship or detail of our beings or existence. It is also often associated with the diverse and different paranormal and psychic practices and views that have been recorded ever since it started in different cultures.


Depending on the topic and belief, Spiritualism may actually have diverse meanings, for example;


In Religion – Spiritualism is the conviction of connecting and communication with the spirits of the people who already passed away.


In Metaphysics – Spiritualism is an idea where our utmost reality is our mind and our spirit.


In Philosophy – Spiritualism is a religious belief that accentuates more on the idea that souls and spirits do exist and that the reality leans more on the spiritual aspect rather than the material aspect of life.


Modern Spiritualism


Modern Spiritualism is an Anglo-American religious party that started in 1848 in New York City. The members of this movement believes and communicates with the spirits of the departed ones and they agree that such communication and share of thoughts and insights are advantageous and favorable to both the living and the dead. It is believed that Spiritualism is the eighth greatest religion in the whole of Great Britain as it had spread out all over the whole country.


Here are some of the main and unique ideas of Spiritualism as spiritualists believe in:


  1. We all go to the afterlife after our bodily and physical deaths here on Earth.

  2. The souls of the people who have already passed away could still communicate and reach out to the people and things here on the material world. Usually, this has been proven by mediums who live their lives as channels for the living and the departed souls.

  3. Spiritualists also believe that not much will change when we die and proceed to go to the afterlife. They believe that other than not having a physical body, everything else – characteristics, ideas, way of thinking, heritage, etc. - will stay the same.


The people that we contact and ask help from, when we want to be connected to a spirit of a person who passed away, are called mediums. Mediums are people who has a paranormal ability to connect and communicate with spirits. They accumulate and gather messages, information, knowledge and insights from spirits from another realm and they can do it in a variety of ways. When mediums get useful and beneficial knowledge from the spirits, they pass it along to the living.


Is Spiritualism a religion or a science?

A lot of people may have this question in mind and the answer is: Spiritualism could be a religion, a science and a philosophy as spiritualists accepts all truths and are currently trying and attempting to prove their validity. They believe that all truths are found everywhere and are given in a variety of ways. Some seek truth in nature, others find it in their religion while preaching or praying and some actually read the truth in books and from science researches and spiritualists believe that all these can be attained and received through spirit communication.


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