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What is Relationship Psychic?

Every love relationship may have problems and it is essential to resolve them to bring harmony and happiness. You may be planning to marry your fiancée within a few months after having been in love with him for a number of years. Suddenly you become aware that you have some issues, which must be settled before you get married because you do not see eye to eye with him on those issues. You are, however, not sure if your issues are serious enough to warrant break up of relationship altogether if they are not settled.

For example, your fiancé insists that when you are married and once the bills are paid for, each person should have some allowance money to spend. The proviso in this settlement, however, is that he insists that the other partner would not enquire where the money was spent. But you know many couples who have spent lifetime with each other and consult each other when either of them spends even a single penny. This, according to you, builds trust and confidence in relationship. Your fiancée, on the other hand, considers this kind of reporting to the mate as an encroachment on personal freedom. There may be similar other issues which are bound to crop up after you are married and they can spoil the life. They, therefore, must be resolved.

The relationship psychic may ask you to bring your fiancée for a joint spiritual psychic counseling session.  He may tell you that your marriage is not merely a physical relationship, but a spiritual commitment, which requires that both the partners should share their life’s joys and sorrows together with open heart. If your partner puts curbs on explaining the expenses, it is symbolic of some deeper problems. Quite possibly your fiancée, for whatever problems, has difficulty in being open and frank about sharing his life completely with you and does not believe in building trust and confidence in the relationship


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