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What Is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the process of the soul or essence returning to inhabit a physical form after death. For thousands of years, the belief of reincarnation has been passed on from generation to generation, flourishing in every part of the world, in many religions. Hindus and Buddhists are the main believers in Reincarnation, and about two thirds of the world’s population today has accepted Reincarnation as one of their fundamental beliefs. Hindus and Buddhists are not the only believers; there are many tribes that do believe in reincarnation. 

The introduction of Theosophy and Eastern Religions in the late nineteenth century increased the amount of Western believers, with the help of Edward Cayce, the well known American Psychic who was renowned for his trance readings.

Like with all cultures of the world, there are going to be some discrepancies in the Reincarnation beliefs, and any variations exist.

The Great Egyptians believed that the only souls that were worthy of reincarnation were the ones that were to meant to become great prophets and lead the Egyptians to victory, they later changed their beliefs to apply to the wider population. The ever famous Egyptian Book of The Dead includes incantations for reincarnations.

Even the mighty Africans, who have endured centuries of suffering, have strong beliefs of reincarnation, brining their vastly different cultures to one similar belief. Their main belief is that humans reincarnate as human beings, and the childlessness of someone is considered as a curse, as they do not allow the soul to be reborn again.

The Aboriginal People of Australia, the strongest belief of Reincarnation lies in the central aboriginals, but is more saturated among the rest of Australia. As their culture slowly fades away into the progression of the Westernized world, their belief has been shaped by their past defeats and sufferings, believing that in their next life, they will be “White fellows”, following their soul’s journey.

Reincarnation beliefs are also strong in the culture of the Pacific Islanders, found among the Balinese, Okinawans, Ainu (northern Japan), Tasmanians, Maoris (New Zealanders), Fijians, and the inhabitants of New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Macedonia.

The North American tribes also believe in the Reincarnation process, The Tlingits in Alaska believe that it is a glorious continuation of personal identity. They believe that prior to the birth of a child, the soul announces itself to the pregnant mother through her dreams. When the child is born, the child has to be correctly identified to its previous life, and the correct tribal name of the person before should be given, that way the infant can claim all the good deeds of the person and then the soul can progress faster.

According to the various traditions, forgetfulness of the past life is essential for the soul to progress through its journey, and that is why no one can remember what they were in the past life.


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