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What Is Psychic Protection?

We eat healthy food, we drink vitamins, and we exercise, for what? We do all these as a protection from illnesses. Being sick is an obstruction to our daily lives. It stops us from working as normal and as fast as we usually do. Nobody like being hold up by something they cannot control. Prevention is better than cure as the popular saying says. Preventing illnesses in this world is easier now with the advancement of science but how about those that we are not aware of but drags us down all the same. I am talking about psychic illnesses or psychic vampires that suck our energies until we are drained to process properly. Only a psychic protection can prevent us from being victims of these. Visiting a genuine psychic should be our best option but you can do the following beforehand if you cannot consult a psychic anytime soon.

First, slow down. It is a fact that everything now moves fast. Everything is instant and on the go that is why many of us are becoming victims of psychic vampires because our minds are so cluttered that negative energies easily enters our thoughts. We do not stop anymore to think, re-focus and reconnect to our surroundings.

Second, feel your surroundings. Go out and feel nature. Nature and the energy that surrounds it are the best way to obtain positive energy and calmness. Activating our senses to appreciate nature and the connection we have with them can help block psychic negativities.

Third, let go. You have to re-access your life and look at the things that are not helping you anymore. List everything that you think are cluttering your mind. Put your mind at ease and calmly visualize these things slowly moving away of your life. This is not forgetting, it is just de-cluttering the mind so that we are more in sync with our body and the energies that surrounds us.

These are just preparations before a real psychic protection to be given to you by a genuine psychic. He is the only one who has the knowledge to give you a proper protection from the psychic illnesses and vampires. He can also give you advices on how to control your energies so that you will not be vulnerable to negative entities. A psychic can also provide you with a psychic reading to help you figure out your life at the present. He can give you guidance so that you can think of the things in your life that is currently dragging you down. Just always remember that having a psychic protection should not be abused. You should not get a psychic protection because you do not want to feel anymore. A psychic protection protects us from dangerous negative entities or from psychic vampires that drains our energies. And also keep in mind that a psychic protection is not something that will protect you from everything. Its ways may not be ordinary but still you need to take care of your body, your mind, and your emotions. No amount of protection can take care of someone who does not take care of himself.


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