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What is Psychic Force?

Various experiments have been conducted to prove the existence of psychic force. These experiments were conducted in the house of one Mr. Crookes through the medium of a psychic Mr. Home in presence of a close circle of friends and witnesses. The results of the experiments were published in various newspapers and magazines including the Quarterly Journal of Science.

Movement through Contact

The first experiment relates to the movement of heavy bodies with contact but without the use of mechanical force. This is one of the simplest experiments to prove the effect of psychic force on a heavy object. The psychic force applied on the static heavy object created varying forms of vibration and quivering in the room and some articles lying in it. When the psychic touched a heavy article with his hand, it actually rose above into the air. Since doubts were expressed that a force might have been applied through the contact, experiments involving no contact at all were conducted.

Movement without Contact

The spectators present in Mr. Crooke’s house were amazed to see that the psychic could move the things without even touching them. The movement of the article would be preceded by a waft of cold wind that was strong enough to blow off sheets of paper. Since the wind was cold, the temperature on the thermometer lowered down by several degrees. In some cases, there was no movement of the wind at all, but the room temperature fell and the cold was so intense that it could be compared with the feeling in a hand within a few inches of frozen mercury.

The third category of experiments is related to the phenomena of percussive and allied sounds.

Psychic Force and Sounds

A ‘rap’ is a very popular phenomenon in the psychic world. Sometimes you can hear delicate ticks just like with the point of a pin, a string of sharp sounds as if they were emanating from an induction coil in full work, detonations in the air, sharp metallic taps sounding like those you can hear when a fractional machine is at work or the sounds like scratching or twittering of a sparrow and so on.

You can hear such sounds from any channel or medium depending upon his special peculiarity. Mr. Crookes met one Miss Kate Fox, a psychic medium and tested her psychic abilities for several months especially in context of the phenomenon of sounds. She was altogether a different medium. While you have to sit for a formal séance before any sound is heard, Miss Fox only needed to place her hand on any substance to create a loud thud in it. The sound appeared like a triple pulsation so that you could hear it several rooms away. It was similar to that heard from a living tree, a sheet of glass, a stretched iron wire or a membrane, a tambourine, a roof of a cab or on the floor of a theatre.

Sounds without Touch

Another special feature of Miss Fox’s psychic powers was that actual touch was some times not necessary. Mr. Crookes claims to have heard sounds coming from the walls even though the medium’s hands and feet  were held, when she was standing on the chair, when she was rocking in swing suspended from a ceiling, or, when she was placed in a wired cage. Once the sound was heard even when Miss Fox fell down on a sofa and fainted. He also claims to have heard the sounds similar to those produced on a glass harmonicon, felt them on his shoulder and under his own hands. He has heard the sounds on a sheet of paper held between his fingers by a piece of thread passing through one corner. Mr. Crookes tested the psychic powers of Miss Fox to create sounds in every possible way he could devise to ensure there was no fraud or scope for any deception, trickery or mechanical means.


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