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What is psychic experience

Your psychic experience, i.e., information or impressions received by means that cannot be explained scientifically, may depend upon the degree of refinement or development of your psychic sensibilities. Although everyone undergoes the psychic experience at one time or another, yet the psychic experiences occur quite frequently during certain critical times. The reason probably is that we tend to be more focused on certain issues, or, in other words, we tend to ‘meditate’ on them with more concentration. Another reason may be that, during such times, we feel more ‘connected’ or ‘wired’ with each other through the phenomenon of Universal Consciousness. Our mental antennas become more sensitive and attuned to particular energy waves or stations from which they emanate. It is very well known that during the first and the second world wars, quite a large number of lay persons had psychic experiences especially about the wellbeing of their loved ones who were fighting at the war front.

The psychic experience may occur vividly for basically the same reason not only during the time of stress or fear but also during the period of extreme excitement or expectation. Not only do the dogs bark before the occurrence of mighty calamities, but happy times are also augured by auspicious indications and events.  

Some children and spiritually inclined people have strange yet true psychic experiences without making any effort. They see visions during their wakefulness or as dreams during their sleep. They see visions or feel as if somebody is calling upon them to act in a certain way to find out the truth or fend off some calamity. In psychic language, such experiences are termed as clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience.

In case of psychics, their psychic experience may take different forms depending upon their specialization or expertise. For example, a psychic may be an expert in communicating with the cross over spirits by acting as a medium and going into trance. Here again, the quality and clarity of their psychic experience will depend upon the development of their sensitivity, connectivity and attunement to the energy waves that emanate from or connect with their guiding spirit.


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