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What is psychic equivalence?

Psychic equivalence is a psychological term for when information does not infiltrate the consciousness because it has been filtered out. It is when your brain refuses and declines information because you choose to accept different information or something else. This results in not being aware of your surroundings or not being knowledgeable with what is happening around you. Psychic equivalence is basically an attention problem and it is the hesitation and the resistance to pay attention in view of the fact that the information that you are gathering from your senses seems to be divergent from how you want it to be.

You do not accept the information that you get from your senses mainly because it is not the way how you want things to be. It’s like you refuse the information that your eyes can see because you would rather believe the information that you gathered from your imagination nerves. It is best believed that psychic equivalence should be the one to be blamed for all your frustration, anger, sorrow and every negative emotion that you have already felt.

Two kinds of psychic equivalence and how it could affect you

  1. Intellectual psychic equivalence

Basically, intellectual psychic equivalence is when you fail to discern and differentiate the things that are happening in the real world from the things that are happening in your imagination. Sometimes, people get mad or frustrated about a person who thinks so highly of themselves or he or she doesn’t know or understand the reality of things, when in fact, you are mad or frustrated because of what you think about what the other person should be, do, think or intend. You do not actually know how the other person is thinking; you only know and are only aware of your own feelings which are actually a result of how you’re thinking and not how things really are in this world.


  1. Emotional psychic equivalence

This is when you are thinking that something, aside from yourself, is actually making you behave, feel or think in a certain way.

Some of us think that it is easier to believe and accept the lies compared to the facts. When you have gotten comfortable to a certain belief, when different and contrasting information enters, your brain will either have the tendency to make you feel uncomfortable in two ways:

  1. Because you do not know what’s coming, you’ll feel like you are in danger

  2. You will feel that you’re no longer safe anymore

Our mind’s defensive mechanism would be to make and generate new stories to substitute the reality that are making us uneasy and uncomfortable. Psychic equivalence is when you produce and spawn more stories until you create a firm and elaborate belief system that if you try to go opposed to it then you’ll get symptoms of your MindTree.

So how do you actually conquer psychic equivalence?

Psychic equivalence actually makes you think that there is something horrific and abhorrent is currently going on in the real world out there. This information was inflicted to you through your emotions or feelings and it is not a matter of facts. The best thing to do to resolve this problem is to completely ignore or overlook your feelings.

You have to know how to handle anxiety and you can do that by learning how to accept the reality of what is happening inside and outside of your senses. You can simplify it this way: accept the facts and accept the feelings and do not ever interconnect them with a story that has been fully made up by your own mind or feelings. Tell yourself that bad things happen, accept it and then move on to another day.

Psychic equivalence can be corrected and changed by simply choosing to see things in a different perspective. Change the way you think and by then you’ll realize that it’s only a matter of acceptance and managing your thoughts and emotions.



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