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What Is Psychic Energy?

Think of the word psychic and the picture that it immediately invokes in the mind is of a person possessed with mysterious, almost diabolical, powers of intuition. The spirit of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience seem to form a lethal combination and the person with psychic energy claims his ability to look into your past and also predict your future. A psychic, to an ordinary person, is not less than a demi-god who with his uncanny clear eyes pierces the body and looks into the soul to reveal the secrets that lie hidden from the prying eyes of the world.

The rational explain psychic energy as a force of strong, powerful and all pervasive but invisible mental waves, which can travel across the ‘worlds’ and accomplish deeds which ordinary human beings can only dream of.

Understanding the concept of psychic energy becomes simple once you understand the basic laws of physics, which see all solid objects as manifestation of a vibrating energy. Similarly, invisible waves such as sound, radio, electricity, light, television waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays and psychic energy waves are also vibrating energy. The same applies for the human mind also. The mind is an energy station, which creates, transmits and receives energy. The fact that mind has a will of its own, adds an interesting dimension to the concept of psychic energy. We think with our minds and thought are nothing but waves and compounded by a strong will they can be transmitted to and from the human mind within the earth plane. The communication with humans and other entities in the after life becomes possible due to psychic energy; the process is called telepathy. It is, perhaps, with this in mind that the wise men said that speech is silver but silence is gold. The psychic waves commune what words cannot say.

Psychic energy can be interpreted at two levels, the commonplace and the spiritual.

The commercial examples of psychic energy at work can be found in the innumerable advertisements, where many psychic readers flout their ‘secret’ powers that can enable you to fulfill all your worldly desires of health, wealth and happiness, which in other words mean catering to the insatiable lust for wealth, health, and sex.

The spiritual powers of psychic energy can be best understood if you consider the human mind, with its various levels of consciousness- conscious, sub-conscious or unconscious- as an ocean of immense wealth of mysterious powers, which can be unraveled with the development of an extraordinary focused concentration and the infinite power of the will. This, in other words, translates to the ultimate spiritual power of the psychic energy, which gives the sages the healing power in their hands and the quality of compassion in their hearts.

It goes without saying that psychic energy can be aroused; it requires a single-minded pursuit of your aim with patience, perseverance and dedication. Once aroused, psychic energy becomes an ocean of real health, wealth and happiness. Selfless spiritual service increases the power of psychic energy. The more spiritually evolved a person, the brighter the energy of the aura. So, the halo around the heads of the sages is but a symbolic representation of the psychic energy, which they used for the benefits of the humanity.

Psychic energy, like all forms of energy, is a ‘boomerang’- the energy you give out will return to you. 


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