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What is Psychic Energy and How Do You Develop It?

Many people still have this old-fashioned notion that psychics are weird, or out-of-this-world.  Well, yes the second term can be used to describe them, because they do actually have the ability to sense and perceive out-of-this-world phenomena and occurrences.  And although most people think that being psychic is mysterious and supernatural, the truth is that each one of us actually is born with some form of psychic skills and talents.  Here are some helpful facts about psychic energy, and how you can develop it.  

What Is Psychic Energy?

Psychic energy is defined as an force that powers the operation of the mind, soul and psyche.  According to the laws of physics, all solid objects manifest vibrating energy, hence the energy that you give out will return back to you.  One of the best ways for harnessing your body's psychic and spiritual energy is by meditating, and performing exercises, which sharpen your awareness and perception skills.  One such exercise would be to close your eyes, and picture an image of an object, person or thing.  Another exercise would be to lie in bed once you wake up in the morning, close your eyes and sense as many smells, sounds and textures as you can. 

Keep Your Body Healthy And Strong

Just like mastering the art of singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument, the individual needs to be healthy and strong, so that they can have the strength and will power to enhance their skills. Keeping your body healthy and strong is one of the keys towards fully developing your psychic abilities. By keeping your body strong, healthy and hydrated, you can keep the energy within your body freely flowing.  With a healthy body, and mind, it would be very easy for you to sharpen and unleash your innate psychic skills.

Affirm That You Already Have It

According to psychologists, the mind is a very powerful entity.  It is well known that our thoughts create our reality, and what we believe we shall create.  To succeed in your quest to be a full-pledge psychic, it would be helpful if you maintain a positive mindset, and constantly affirm that you already have that psychic energy within you. By affirming that you already have that special “gift”, you can easily shift your consciousness to enable it to unleash all those psychic potentials.

All of us have some degree of psychic energy, and the good thing is that it's very possible to make it grow.  The psyche, along with the body and mind, needs to be nourished in order for it to develop.  And one way for thoroughly nourishing the psyche is by connecting with the natural world.  Try walking on a secluded seashore, or lie down on a grassy field in the park on a lonely Sunday morning, and connect with the natural world.  Feel the energy of the trees, the birds and insects, as well as with all living things out there. By connecting with the natural world, you'll also be able to connect with your very own inner self.



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