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What Is Psychic Energy And Do All Humans Have It?

Psychic energy is the special ability or paranormal power that a psychic possesses and uses to help his clients.

Psychic energy can be defined as a “the biochemical energy essence of internal psychological thought and emotion whether as a part of the conscious or unconscious mind”. Psychic energy can interact physically, but is not “itself inherently dependent upon the physical for its sustenance and/or existence.”

To illustrate the point, a spirit or a soul can interact with physical world of human beings, but is not dependent on the physical world for its survival or sustenance. So broadly speaking, psychic energy can be conceived as an all pervasive or cosmic essence. It is a quintessence of life force and also a medium or essence of all paranormal phenomena. Its all pervasiveness can be explained through the example of sound, radio, electrical, light waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays and so on.

It must be understood that since psychic energy is an all pervasive cosmic energy, the psychics usually tap this inexhaustible reservoir of energy source to help their clients.

Since cosmic energy is all pervasive, it logically proves that all material objects are forms of energy vibrations.

Human mind is a kind of energy station that creates, transmits and receives the psychic energy. Thoughts and images are also made up of waves of psychic energy. So they can be transmitted to and from other human minds on this earth and also to other spirit entities. This process is called telepathy and is already a subject of serious scientific research.

All human beings are made up of energy vibrations which appear in form of aura. Moreover there is a spirit body, apart from the physical body, which cannot be destroyed even though the physical body turns into dust and ashes. This spirit body retains its consciousness after the death of physical body. After the death of the person this spirit body goes into another world, a world of spirits and energy. It can communicate with the exalted souls on the earth.

A psychic because of his inherent or acquired abilities can imbibe the psychic energy in his mental faculties. It may function as an enhanced intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, hunch, sixth sense, third eye or his psychokinetic ability.  He may use the psychic energy in reading and interpreting tarot cards, crystal gazing, building horoscopes and so on. He may also use the psychic energy to communicate with the spirit world.


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