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What is psychic ability?

Psychic ability is synonymous with gut feeling, extra sensory perception, intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy and so on.

Every one of us has psychic ability to some degree. Quite often our intuition about who is calling on the telephone proves correct. Some people, like musicians, are gifted with psychic ability by nature, but those who are not, can develop the talent by dint of practice and hard work.

The phenomenon of gut feeling is not a mere coincident. It is now being established scientifically that the intuitions, forebodings or premonitions occur due to the existence of shared consciousness or super consciousness that connects or wires all the living things with each other into a unified whole. Development of psychic ability, therefore, involves cultivating and deepening this awareness of universal connectivity.

The first step towards acquiring the psychic ability is to develop passionate faith in the psychic phenomena and confidence in your own ability to achieve success in this field. You should, therefore, repeat an affirmation like mantra to the effect that you are a psychic and your spirit is connected with the universe. Or, you are an integral part of the Universal Spirit and as such, you can be fully aware of any thing that occurs anywhere.

You have to immerse yourself in the study of the subject of psychics. Live, think and breathe psychics. Make friends with psychics. In course of time, psychics will become a part of your subconscious nature. This will have a very positive effect on the development of your psychic ability.

Like music, art or painting, you require practicing the psychic exercises to improve your psychic talents. The beginning can be made by simple predictive games like identifying cards, pictures and so on. The next step can be to visualize and predict the thoughts of your friends, brothers, mother, and sisters at a given point of time. Try to make predictions about the events in your day to day life. What is going to happen next in a given situation? How will be your next day? And so on.

Keep a record of your success rate. More important than numerically expressing your success rate is to keep a journal of your psychic experiences and make them points of reference for future guidance.


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