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What is Positive Affirmation

A positive affirmation is a firm, strong statement of hope, confidence, optimism, belief in one’s abilities and faith in one’s destiny and future. For a believer, it is a statement of faith in God and His dispensation.  For a non-believer, it is an expression of confidence in one’s own strength. It is an effort to look at a half empty glass as half-filled, in short, an ability to see the silver lining in dark clouds.

Benefits of positive affirmations

Making positive affirmation involves infusing strength and force in one’s thoughts, beliefs, attitude and outlook. Your thoughts are energy vibrations. They do not remain confined within your heart or mind; they exercise deep influence on your biological system. They send electrical messages to various organs of your body, for good if they are positive and for bad if they are negative. In a sense, as you think your thoughts go out abroad as powerful energy vibrations and make the things happen for you.

Example of positive affirmations

Imagine that you have to appear for an important interview. There are two ways to think about it. One is to be sure and say:  “I will succeed. Nothing can stop me from succeeding.” The other way to think is: “I don’t know what will happen. Most probably I will not be able to prove myself.”

The first statement is a positive affirmation. This affirmation, belief will infuse zeal and energy in your preparation. You will find it easy to focus on your subject. Indeed, you will feel confident when you actually face the interview board. Your answers will carry conviction and in all probability you will be selected.

The second statement expressing doubt in your prospects is a negative affirmation.  When you are not sure, or are filled with fear and hopelessness, you lose confidence and stop focussing on your preparations. You feel nervous and confused. This state of mind is a sure route to failure.

Even if you are not sure of yourself, the best course is to repeat loudly and forcefully: “I am destined to succeed.” You will experience a surge of energy, hope and happiness in your heart. This will boost your confidence.


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