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What is Love, really?

The question on the definition of love is always a good icebreaker even for the young ones but in all these conversations did someone really has known the true definition of love? The definition of love is very vague and subjective. It varies from person to person depending on their experiences but there is one thing that many will agree on and that is that love is a very powerful feeling.

Love is a strong feeling that can affect decisions depending if one is full or in the absence of it. Think about it, if someone is full of love in his heart, will there be room for something dark? Love for others whether for family or friends, husbands or wives can make a person go out of his way to protect that person. People are more subjective when it comes to the person they love. Judgment is bias when it comes to the person they cherished. This might not sound good and fair but that is how human instinct works.

The start of a family is love. Without love there will be no union of two hearts. Love is an essential part of a family as without it there will be no driving force to really live. Everyone needs the right amount of motivation to get through all of life’s challenges. The love for people close to heart is a good start. Being happy is a choice as many say but receiving love makes it much easier to find joy in the littlest things. They say that love is a person’s weakness, this may be partly true but not in a negative context. Always taking into consideration the feelings and the welfare of the people dear to heart may affect objective decisions but the heart knows it is the right thing to do.

When someone is secure that love exists within his family, he will be even more confident to face life as he knows he will always have someone who got his back. People who are loved give love back much easier. They can make a room light up with the happiness that love creates. A happy family is a result of love overflowing. Love is an essential part of a family’s happiness but happiness is not all love. Love is the driving force but effort and understanding must also be present. Love affect decision-making but people must always control their emotions and avoid rash decisions.

Love reflects all things positive, light, and happy. Love on its purest form is just that but when put between two people like in a marriage or between a family it will need support or it will just fade away. Keeping the love burning needs extra effort for all the persons involve. Love will not fade away easily as long as the couple and the family would not let it too. What is love, really? Love is a feeling that motivates a person to live life not only for himself but also for the person dear to his heart.




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