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What is counseling?

Counseling is the process of utilizing optimistic approach for individuals that are experiencing emotional distress. This includes psychotherapies, counseling activities, and providing advices. This activity can take place anytime and anywhere as long as two or more individuals will agree about their involvement with their psychological capacity that can help to alleviate their emotional distress. As a counseling process, this is a helpful activity for the reason that an individual will have the opportunity to recognize their challenges and risky circumstances because these are situations that are causing their self-esteem to become low enough. This will create sudden loss of emotional discomfort that can last for few days to several weeks and it can result into depression or severe anxiety.

By counseling, always establish basic rapport when initiating self-awareness with the individual at all times when facilitating behavioral management in order to gain her trust and to establish calm and positive environment that will block their thoughts of losing their interest and creating a comfortable environment to participate. Assess the seriousness of the patient’s learning enthusiasm such as the ability to listen, to participate, and to ask questions based form their curiosity because the rationale is to determine the potentiality of student’s learning success for the plan of learning facilitation. Reinforcement with the patient is an effective procedure by using educational tools and facilities that will help them to realize about the process of the educational process to be discussed. Discussion with the patient regarding the efforts on how to deal with past discussion process that confronted their curiosity is beneficial because the rationale for this intervention is to reaffirms their ability to cope and to identify alternative resources that can create an alternative way to know all kinds of subject matter effectively. Pertaining to the patient’s perception that was being shifted to think of alternative resources to help them become more independent to help solve unsolved issues so that they will be able to maintain effective reasoning and logical thinking as they grow. Goals will not be met if the children will still shows signs and symptoms of having the potential for having loss of interest towards a particular subject matter that can cause problems with the teacher or facilitator.

As an advantage of counseling, self-awareness can be able to increase positive reinforcement to a particular individual for the reason that they will have a productive psychological capacity in the long run. Pertaining with their cognitive and behavioral management during self-awareness, they will be showing signs of a decreased anxious behavior because the process of self-awareness helps individuals to recover from abnormal psychological response. Self-awareness has been effective especially for individuals that are suffering from neurotic and psychiatric abnormalities for the reason that they can show an improved emotional response with external stimuli. Self-awareness process is beneficial for health care workers that are handling patients that are suffering from mental illness so that the presence of psychological incapacity will be limited. An individual that are suffering from mental illness will have higher chances of having an improved cognitive and behavioral integrity modification process into a stable state.


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