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What is consulting?

Consulting is the process of providing advice to a particular person, group, or organization regarding legal, medical, and personal issues. In this case, consulting is a popular tradition that is being practiced by most societies around the world for the reason that it helps an individual or group to decide on which will be the most appropriate action to be established. Consulting is similar with counseling because it helps to present insightful issues that will help to improve personal and professional circumstances. The only difference is that consulting is not aimed for medical interventions that are similar with the activities that are taking place in clinics, hospitals, and other care centers.

It has been learned from the study that self-awareness process s managed by behavioral management can be applied for individual because they will improve their psychological behavior in the long run. It has been realized that using consulting as management is a form of educational strategies that is an important process to deal with their age and development pattern that will help the process of teaching and facilitating informative learning process to be more successful. It is important to always provide clear and understandable instructions for the individuals or groups that will be based according to their age so that they will not be having difficulties of adjusting their intellectual and emotional response towards a particular topic. Behavioral management can only be applied by licensed medical practitioners such as the nurse for the reason that they are trained and skilled for applying effective psychological management that are essential to the intellectual and behavioral stability of an individual. Involving parents are important for the reason that they are still the role model for the children to restructure their personality as well as with their cognitive behavior for them to improve the patient’s growth and development in the long period of time to prevent misbehaviors as well as eliciting severe psychological impairment.

As a recommendation of the study, the process of consulting is important to be included in the academic curriculum of nurse practitioners that will be facilitating early psychologically impaired individuals because they will be one of the most significant facilitators who will be responsible for allowing the consultees to release their anxiety behaviors. Education is one of the most important issues that will be instilled for other medical professionals so that they will be able to provide effective consultation activities for individuals and groups that need impaired psychological behaviors. In this manner, it is also essential for the parents to provide all kinds of necessary care for the patients by providing the right amount of care to avoid disrupting the growth and development of the children. In this case, assessment should be strictly imposed for all kinds of professionals that are focusing on behavioral therapy and management for psychologically impaired individuals so that when behavioral management intervention will be applied, these professionals will not have the risk of committing failure of adapting with the external stimuli or environment.


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