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What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyants or clairvoyant psychics are these days receiving more and more queries outside the conventional or popular areas such as relationships of love and marriage, health, jobs and careers etc. For example, they are getting questions about travel, housing and renting. More and more people, these days, have to commute to their job or business destination in their cities or to distant locations including foreign countries. While a jaunt to another place off and on may be a source of pleasure due to change, a frequent and compulsory travel may lead to both physical and mental stress.

 Even during the local commutes people have to quite often wade through heavily crowded traffic on the roads especially in big cities leading to strain on the nerves and bodies. Then the travellers are often apprehensive about the success of the travel aims. Would they, especially the sales people, be able to bring business for their own companies or those they are serving and representing? Which days are auspicious for travel? Which days should I spend in my company’s office in Sydney or Canberra? Psychics dealing with travel issues are known as Travel Psychics.

 Another new area where people are facing problems is renting out properties.

 Landlords and property owners often become doubtful about the credit or trustworthiness of their prospective tenants. There have been instances of tenants running away without paying their rents. Landlords forward the names and dates of births of the prospective tenants as well as their applications for renting to the clairvoyants for scanning them thoroughly before renting them out. What if the tenant happens to be a vagabond, a lout or just crazy in some other way? Some landlords have delegated the responsibilities of selecting the tenants to their psychics who personally interview them before handing over the keys to the apartments.

 Clairvoyants deal with such cases in their own individual ways. Some clairvoyants study the auras, the colour and energy released by the clients. Others read their photographs or handwriting.



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