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What is Clairsentience?

The French word ‘clairsentience’ means sensing clearly and this is what precisely the clairvoyant and clairsentient psychics do with a host of divine powers they possess. Some of these  powers are  sixth sense, third eye, empathy, telepathy, intuition, psychometry, aura and energy reading, to name a few. It is quite well-known that the nature of our thoughts determines the quality of our actions. The thoughts, whether good or bad, are like energy vibrations. When the energy vibrations are very strong, they are felt or sensed even by common people.

This view can be illustrated by the reactions of common people to certain people or situations. For example, we feel afraid of, hate to talk or even see some people or situations even though we cannot explain any definite reason for our attitude. In other cases, we feel happy and blessed in presence of some people and situations.Moreover, quite often the energy vibrations-whether good or bad-- are not too strong to be tangibly felt by common people. In still other cases, some people are so shrewd that they are able to hide them successfully from the people they do not want them to take notice. Let us translate this hypothesis in practical situations of day-to-day life. The reason why women are called mysterious is that they are able to hide their feelings, especially of love, from those who claim to love them and yearn for their response. In other cases, hardened criminals are able to hide their emotions, feelings or other responses whenever they like.

This is where the psychic power of clairsentience comes in. You are in love with a woman, ask for a date or want to propose for marriage,  but are not sure what her response would be if you dare to express your feelings to her. You are losing your peace of mind and do not know what to do. Or, you suspect a person of having committed a crime or breach of trust with you, but are not sure. There may be several other similar situations where you feel uncertain. The best course is to contact a clairvoyant or clairsentient psychic for a solution to your dilemma.


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