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What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is a French word, which, in common use, means to hear clearly. In other words clairaudience refers to the auditory power of the people. Clairaudience along with two other words of the same genre, clairvoyance and clairsentience has acquired a deep meaning and significance in the realm of psychics. They form a unique trilogy of amazing powers that characterize the psychics. So much so the psychics are these days generally called clairvoyants because they possess the extraordinary power of deep, clear insight into the problems and future of the people.

Clairaudience in psychic terms refers to their mental or intuitive ability to hear sounds and voices that cannot be heard by the physical ears of the common people. For example, sometimes, a bereaved person is so deeply shocked with tragic event that they almost become dumb-speechless- with grief. They cannot even utter an audible cry of pain and suffering. But they know their heart and soul is also crying with pain.

 Common friends, relatives and well-wishers cannot hear their cries. They probably laud the person for their fortitude. But the truth is that the same ‘fortitude’ slowly gnaws into their vitals and results in a host of psychological problems. The only people who can hear their inner cries are clairaudient psychics. Such cries are not limited only to the bereaved people, but people suffering from all kinds of sad and painful situations and problems which may arise in several facets of life such as relationships of love or marriage, business and career opportunities, health problems, litigation, travel, housing and many more.

Again, when some people cry with pain, there are few people who can gauge the depth of their feeling. Their cries can be more audibly heard by the clairaudient psychics who provide the required succour through their advice. Psychics with their power of clairaudience can hear the sounds, voices, shouts and shrieks in variety of tones occurring at distant places and times in a host of situations. They can for example, hear them in criminal cases such as murders, attacks and  burglaries involving gun shots, explosives or use of different tools of crime.


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