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What is an Aura?

The word ‘aura’ is often considered synonymous with ‘halo’. Both words are, therefore, quite often   used interchangeably. It is true that both aura and halo are basically energy vibrations naturally released by every human being. They are a part of their physical and spiritual make-up.

Aura vibrations manifest themselves in form of a circle of light around the head of a person or even their entire body. The light may be just white or have subtle hues or shades of various colours.

The nature and quality of aura released by each human being depends upon how spiritually evolved they are. In simple words, they represent the traits of their nature and personality. The shades, hues or colours define and represent the individual traits. For example, the aura released by a person given to fits of anger may have fiery red hue. A kind hearted person may release an aura of softer shades of green or yellow. An angelic person may release aura composed of soothing white light. This kind of aura is called halo.

 Sometimes, the traits may be represented by a mix of various hues and shades. Human nature may take an infinite number of forms depending upon the mood generated by the event or situation they are in. Auras, therefore, keep changing accordingly.

Whatever the color or shade of the aura, its impact can be felt by every living being including humans and animals. This explains why we feel like running away from the presence of some people, or want to stay infinitely in others’ company. Or, why we love to watch some sites, buildings and are repelled by others. This explains why a dog runs lovingly to one person and barks fiercely at another.

 There is, however, a big difference between the responses of common people and psychics to the auras generated by different people. The common people can only vaguely feel their impact and cannot express it in definite and logical language. The psychics, on the other hand, can view the subtle shades and colours of the auras vividly. They can, thereby, clearly and accurately analyze the traits of nature and predict the future of the people.



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