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What is an astrological report?

Astrology report deals with the vocational aptitudes relevant in a person's birth chart. This is a multi page report with astrology suggestions regarding the client’s work. This work is said to be best suited for him/her. One can easily consider this due to the fact that an astrology report is ambitious enough to interpret planet signs and house positions. This is the basis of every report. The report is not scientifically based. It still depends on the astrologer's interpretation of the movements of celestial bodies like the sun, moon and planets. Astrology reports also defines the linearity of dominant planets in the system.  The signs and houses involved in the movements of the planets greatly harmonize on the report read for a specific person.


Since every person is distinguished by several birth dates, it is important to refine the sign placements. The astrologer can delineate the actual sign by focusing on the Sun, Moon, Midheaven, Ascendant, etc. Also, astrology reports delineates signs to the houses. The downfalls and successes may also be predicted due to the fall cycle which is said to be based on the fourth house cusp sign.


The astrologer, author of the report, must discuss the astrological literature of charts pertaining to a specific individual. There are hundreds of charts available that may demonstrate one's success through several careers. The interpretation of the author should be fully and further tested. This can be done by comparing notes with the reports of the client's friends, family relatives or mere acquaintances. These figures greatly affect the accuracy of the report once validated.


The focus of the report revolves in the traits and preferences of the client in selecting the career path. A natal chart will then result which may be interpreted in a fascinating manner. With a special emphasis on factors regarding vocational events, the report would produce a highly reliable readings. Career reports are widely available and may be accessed through phone conversation, online, e-mail or just mere live conversation with the astrologer.


The recipient would be getting the details of future happenings not only on his/her career but also other problems and suggestions to improve his/her life. An astrologer may look for the following details before making any report.



Birth date

Zodiac sign

Birth time

Birth place


These details are essential for every person since these varies from one person to another. However, one should remember that these astrology reports are not pure truths. The future events may or may not happen according to what is stated. Thus, proper discretion and interpretation of the clients are required because misinformation may occur if this is left off hand.

Astrology reports are done by professionals. These are highly confidential matters that only the person should understand and know. Given that these astrology reports may not be accurate, there are some reports that still proves that astrology really affects one’s future. One should make use of the report as a guide and not as map to follow. An individual’s life is still his own and only he can manage to do something with it.


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