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What is a spiritual guide or advisor?

Basically, a spiritual guide is a person who assists and aids other people in finding and learning the process of spirituality. They are educated people who gives and offers guidance to the individuals who are on to finding or starting their spiritual passage.


Spirituality denotes to being more affixed and connected to religious gains and values and allows the people to focus on the substance and importance of the spirit more than any other thing in this world. But the evolution of spirituality and what it really means had happened and so as of this moment, it focuses more on reaching the highest degree of consciousness. To be connected and linked to the almighty God, the whole of nature, the universe and the most inexplicable and intense part of one’s self is to be spiritually inclined and fulfilled.


In the 5th century, the word spirituality was first used and it meant to be powered and propelled by the Holy One or being closer and nearer to God the almighty. But as time passed, spirituality started to be about teaching an individual on how to focus on things spiritually and not give much importance about the material things that this world has to offer. Spirituality started to be about how people should focus on growing mentally and making sure that you do not forget that there are more important things, such as faith and belief, other than the tangible and temporal things in life.


In the 13th century, spirituality began to incorporate and necessitate the importance and exploration of feelings, emotions and mindset of the spiritual life. And then it changed again, telling that an individual is to be considered spiritual if he or she was a more profound and deep-seated Christian than others.


But in the 20th century, spiritualists decided to detach and disentangle spirituality from religion completely as they would like to focus more on developing one’s self and attain the highest and truest self with freedom of expression, meditation and contemplation.


What should be the characteristics of a spiritual guide?



How could I enhance my spiritual gifts?


First, you have to wholeheartedly accept your abilities and straighten your goal. People would not accept you or the assistance that you will be giving if you do not accept yourself first. Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to serve humanity and nothing else. Live your days trying to help other people and teach them about God. The stronger your faith, the more likely your spiritual abilities would develop.


Meditate and focus on connecting with the spirits. Make sure your spiritual energy is high to be able to establish and maintain a good relationship with the spirits. Meditation will also keep your mind at peace and will enable you to think positively and act confidently.


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