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What Is A Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is a non physical entity that is usually seen as the Higher Self, an angel, a highly evolved being or group mind, or a spirit of the dead. A spirit guide’s main purpose is to help protect the individual, assist in spiritual development, or even provide a source of inspiration.

Throughout the world, people believe that every individual has one or more spirit guides from birth and they remain with them throughout their life and their future endeavors, and at the end of the life, they assist the soul in the crossover period. There are also some guides that are assigned to your life for a certain period to help you get through it, and once that assignment is over, they move on to the next person.

Spirit Guides are believed to be around because of the roles they chose due to Karmic reasons, and some people are able to pick up on them. Some guides make themselves known to the person by appearing in dreams or speak in inner voices.

Artistic persons some times accredit their work to their spirit guides as inspiration givers, and children who have imaginary play mates may in fact be their spirit guides.


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