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What is a Shaman?

A Shaman is a person who has the ability to heal by moving into a modified and adjusted state of consciousness to be able to enter into the hidden and concealed reality or existence in the spiritual realm for the cause and reason of power, healing, knowledge and information. The origin of the word “Shaman” was from Siberia and it means “the one who sees n the dark”, probably referring about the spiritual realm. It is basically the best word for healers, seers, prophets and men and women who are involved into healing other people. The main belief of Shamans is that all of our problems, be it physical problems, mental problems, emotional problems and health problems, are caused by a spiritual imbalance. It is a Shaman’s job to rehabilitate and recondition the balance, the stability and the fullness of the person by tackling and dealing with the root cause of the dilemma and the predicament. Here are some of the methods used by the great Shamans in order to heal people: - soul retrieval - retrieval of spiritual ally - removal of unwanted or negative energies - soul remembering - ancestral work - psychopomp - hands-on healing Be aware that Shamans work and collaborate with spiritual entities so they remain guided during a healing session with a person. They never work alone. They need the guidance and the voices of the spirits in order to cast their healing to a person. What is Shamanism? This is basically what the Shamans practice and this is an old and venerable manifestation and kind of spiritual healing. It goes way back thirty thousand years ago, making it the oldest form of healing in the whole entire planet. Shamans use various techniques but the most common one is the ‘soul retrieval’ which allows them to bring back lost parts of a certain person’s soul by going into an altered state of consciousness to travel in the spirit world to recuperate and bring back the missing or forgotten part of the soul. The Shaman will have to speak with the lost soul and convince it to return with him or her. The spirit world is a realm that no one else could see, except if you have extrasensory perception or intuitive abilities. Signs that you are a Shaman: 1. You have always been an introvert. Shamans need to concentrate with their energies and the other dimension, it is better for them to stay at home and be alone than to be with a lot of people all the time. 2. You feel at one with nature. And when you do you get extra knowledge and information about the world, our planet and the whole surroundings. 3. You are very sensitive. You feel tired when you get too much information from the world and you feel too much from just about everything. 4. You have experienced traumatic things during your childhood. These experiences are considered as initiations that are preparing you for the role of being a Shaman. With this, you are able to empathize with people and you become a compassionate person. 5. You have this feeling of getting better and finding your ultimate purpose here on earth. 6. You feel the need to serve. You have the purest and best intention for the whole world and for the whole of humanity. You start of by giving out great advices to your friends who go to you in times of need. 7. You get dreams that seem to be too real. 8. You know that you possess spiritual abilities and you receive intuitive information through your extrasensory perception. 9. You get the “Shaman sickness” such as chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and depression. Once you accept your fate and your calling, these will all vanish and you will be well again. 10. You have always been and felt different than most people especially in your age group.


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