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What is a psychic?"

A psychic is someone who claims to have the extrasensory perception or the ESP. This is most commonly known as the sixth sense to most people and the term was invented by Sir Richard Burton in 1870 and was used broadly and mainly by the Society for Psychical Research which was led by J. B. Rhine. The research was done in Duke University in 1930.


The term psychic came from the Greek word Psychikos which means ‘soul’ and also from the word Psyche which means ‘Human Mind’. It was created by the famous and eminent chemist, William Crookes, when he tried to describe Daniel Dunglas Home, who was a famous Spiritualist/Medium that can levitate back then.


A psychic has the ability to enter and approach a person’s auric field, mostly known as the life force that is surrounding any living thing, and it allows them to gather, accumulate and discover any information, detail and knowledge about that certain person. They are also able to see and receive memories, messages and particulars about a person’s feelings, thoughts, personality and fears. However, the insights that a psychic could give is limited to the corporeal and tangible world as they do not have the ability to connect and pass through the spirit realm to establish a communication with the spirits.


What is a psychic reading?


Basically, a psychic reading is a kind of consultation, discussion or appointment set by the sitter (the client) with the psychic. It allows the psychic to use his or her intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy and empathic abilities to receive and collect information and knowledge about the client.


When a psychic reads you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will find something hidden or impossible about you, sometimes, what they reveal might just be the confirmation that you needed in order to move on or start anew. They will see your past, your present and your future situations and they will give you good advices, insights and wisdom on what you can do to prevent a tragedy that is coming your way or what you can do to achieve your goal and be at the road of success.


In most cases, most people book a reading and opt to have a consultation with a psychic as they would want to know things about their future. It is still unknown and debatable if the future is set to be permanent but if you think if it, everything still depends on you and your choices in life and that would make the future changeable and unsettled. With this said, some readings may come out as false because you have made a decision that the psychic was not able to foresee but it does not necessarily mean that the psychic is wrong or inaccurate. It just means that the outcome was changed because you wanted to go to a different path, instead of what the psychic advised you to do so and that is okay.


What should you remember before having a consultation with a psychic?

First, lessen your expectations to avoid disappointments and frustrations about the reading. Make sure your questions are ready and already written on a paper. Secondly, do not interrupt with the reading, instead, let the psychic guide you and do most of the talking. If they are genuine and legitimate, they would receive information and knowledge about you and what you are going through with their intuitive abilities. The only time that they’ll have to ask you is when they need confirmation about something that they have received intuitively. Lastly, take note of important details that will be revealed to you and if you feel like there is something wrong with the reading, you can immediately terminate the session and leave.


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