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What is a psychic realm?

We should all be aware that the psychic realm is not somewhere that is disconnected and set apart from our actual world but it coexists with the congruent and analogous physical world that we all live in. Although, the psychic realm could be described as more comprehensive and more thorough than our world.


Try to look around and contemplate, there are a lot of things that we do not see and notice but we know that it is there. We can only see what we can see through our eyes, and we can only feel what we can feel through our skin. But there is something beyond that and if focus and meditate, we will be able to reach that world or the psychic realm as people would like to call it.


What you must keep in mind is that the psychic realm is “in here” and that you are coming in contact with it all the time as you always pick up signals from it. Think of your body being antenna that receives and gets signals and indications from something unseen and unknown. But, just like normal people who do not possess an extrasensory perception, most of us fail or notice and discern what exists among us and we think it’s okay because somehow we could cope up, survive and live just well with what we see by the naked eye.


Explanation of how the psychic realm coexists with us


Try imagining yourself going home from work at 11PM, as you decide on taking a different route, your hairs start standing and you start feeling frightened and nervous. This means that your own body is sending you a message or a warning that there is something threatening and perilous on the road ahead. There would not be any physical signs that you would be able to see and hear at the moment but you will feel something right? That is your intuition and most of the time you just shrug it off, either you follow what you are feeling or you would totally just dismiss the sensation.


It layman’s term, that sensation or intuition was your ability to get your vibration to tune in to the psychic realm and therefore it proves that it exists. It could probably be triggered if you try to focus on your surroundings and be aware of everything that you see, hear, smell, and feel.


And this also proves that most of us have psychic abilities, though to some it might not be fully developed or they just did not know how to expand and magnify their gifts.


How do I access the psychic realm?


Well, first off, the skilled and experienced psychics have been accessing and going back and forth in the psychic realm as they know how to control their vibrations already. While for some people, it could take a while before they can go to that realm as they need to develop and progress their abilities first.

First off, try to keep a dream journal. Dreams are also pathways to the psychic realm and it is a good way to receive messages, information and knowledge. Secondly, meditate for as much as possible or for at least one hour everyday to be able to heighten your vibration and tune in to the psychic realm. Thirdly, don’t hesitate to ask for guidance and help for your Spirit guides and from the angels to help you understand better how your abilities work. Fourthly, let your imagination run wild and free.


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