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What is a Medium and How do they Contact People Who Have Passed Over?

When a medium refers to himself or herself as a spiritual medium, intuitive medium, psychic medium, or a similar title, they are basically the same thing, but the emphasis is on talking to the spirits in the afterlife. Psychics and mediums are not to be confused with one another, though – all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums.


Psychics have a basic sense of intuition. They have the ability to collect information of the person they are reading. They tune in to the person’s or object’s energy by feeling or sensing elements of the past, present, and future. Mediums, on the other hand, are a step further. A medium uses his intuitive or psychic ability tune in to the spirit energy surrounding the person in order to see his past, present, and future events. Mediums, unlike basic psychics, depend on the presence of non-physical energy aside from themselves in order to get information of the person they are reading.


The emphasis of a medium’s work is to make connections as well as deliver messages from people who are no long alive to those who still are. A medium receives information directly from spirit guides, angels, and the dead. Famous mediums, such as Allison DuBois and John Edward write bestselling books and appear on television shows. They talk about their ability to communicate with those in the afterlife. These types of seers are seen by the public in a positive light.


Most religions believe that there is life after death and those who wish to communicate with their dead loved one’s spirit contact a medium. Being able to reach the dead is also one way for a grieving person to feel better and move on.


During the digital age, mediums and psychics can only be found in annual carnivals, town fairs, and traveling circuses. In today’s world filled with people who are supernatural-obsessed, it isn’t that difficult to find a medium. You come across ads when you visit a website displaying the number of a psychic hotline and some banners display a medium’s best-selling memoir. The amalgamation of pop-up internet ads, newspaper advertisements, and television commercials selling seers’ powers are ubiquitous and are hard to resist.


A medium is an intermediary during a séance. Some mediums go into a state that is trance-like and can be fully lucid and completely awake when passing along messages. If a medium is in a group of people who are magically-aware, messages from the “other side” come through all over the place and in no particular order.


A medium named Grant did a séance a few months ago for a friend who runs a coven locally. All in all, there were nine psychically attuned individuals inside a room which eventually turned into a chat room of the spirit world. The mediums were bombarded with messages from the other side.


Some wonder how mediums contact people who have passed over. Onlookers think that a medium can actually see a ghost or spirit standing near them and hearing their voices speak, but this is not the case. Mental mediums inwardly perceive the spirit communicator, hearing an inner voice. It’s like hearing a song in your head or someone’s voice speaking; this is similar to how mediums hear spirits. This type of spirit communication is called clairaudience.


When a spirit is communicating through a medium, he/she can feel sensations, such as the physical conditions they had when they were still on earth. Mediums can get impressions of the spirit’s personality and even the gender. This sensing is known as clairsentience. When a medium sees images or representations of events in the spirit’s life on earth, sees the spirit’s face, and sees pictures of places important to the spirit, it is called clairvoyance.


If you have just lost a loved one and need to somehow communicate with them, it would be best to do so when your grief is under control. Three months is the minimum time to wait after someone has passed away. For the medium to connect to your loved one, you will need to lend him/her your strength, so it would be best to go to a medium when you know you are emotionally stable.


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