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What is a lover relationship?

Basically speaking, a lover relationship is not your typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship where you are both wholeheartedly committed and dedicated to each other. It is somehow like you are together but not really as a couple. The only thing that is important is both of you should not be married, or with a spouse, nor should you be in any committed and passionate relationship with anyone else.


A lover relationship does not really go to all the things that a normal relationship goes through. For example, they do not need a long courtship period just so you can prove to the woman that you love her so dearly. Two people can just come up to each other and agree that you two should come off as lovers, as simple as that. It is more of an accord or an agreement between two people, to have pure fun and happy moments whenever they are together, share secrets about each other and have amazing sexual activities every now and then. It is basically just like being in a relationship but without all the cheesy lines, commitment and romantic part.


However, a lover relationship doesn’t really go beyond plenty of sexual escapades and a time outside the bedroom. After the sensational and incredible night that you spent with each other, everything goes back to the way it was; going back to both of your worlds, carrying on with you jobs and never thinking back about the time that you had spent with one another. You both do not have to talk to each other all morning and update the other in the evening. No checking on what the other one is doing because, technically, you are not in a relationship with your lover.


Unlike when you are actually committed and in a relationship with one person, the conversations go on everyday, every morning up until the evening when you go to sleep. There is this responsibility that you have to tell and remind your boyfriend or girlfriend how much you love and care for them and make sure that they feel secured about your feelings towards them. There is this overwhelming feeling that you have to make him or her happy all the time and that you also have to fully dedicate your time to them.


When you are in a relationship, you are building something for the future and you are sure that you want a constant person to be with you up until your hair turns gray and your skin gets wrinkled. You are doing it because you want to know your partner better and you want a deeper connection with them and that is what relationships are all about.


A lover relationship is best for people who are not rushing themselves to find the perfect one or the right person for them. They may want to explore and experience other people first before actually committing to just one person. Just remember to set some ground rules with your lover and make sure that they are clear and that he or she understands it. Here are some of the reasons why a lover relationship is better than a serious relationship with someone:


1. You would never have to learn how to cook and prepare dinner for your lover as you will both have to eat outside and then just go back to your place or his place for a fun night. No cooking, no preparations in the kitchen, no dish washing, nothing. As plain and as simple as that.


2. You would never have to meet their parents and the whole family. You aren’t in a serious relationship so why would you bring them home for Christmas? Save yourself from the thought if you mother is going to like him or her or if they’ll get your siblings’ hearts and get along with each other because there is no need to introduce them to your whole clan.


3. You do not have to think about his laundry and ironing his clothes. It’s just like not having to cook for him. You have your own house or apartment and they also have theirs so both of you do not have to butt in each other’s chores and just let it be as it is not part of the agreement between a lover relationship.


4. You get to pick the time when you will have to meet and you get to pick where as well. You want to meet in a coffee shop? Okay. You want it to happen at 8pm? Okay. Just tell your lover and they’ll know what to do. And by the way, you could also see other people apart from your lover because you are both aware that you are not exclusive so that is just fine.


5. You would not have to talk about the scary future and what you will both have to do or be after ten years. No relationship talk. You can just sit on the couch and watch some shows together, enjoying each other’s company and having a great time based on shared and common appeal and interest in each other and fondness. What’s important is you know that you both enjoy your set up and that you are aware that what you have is nothing serious.


6. You will never find about each other’s flaws and you will always be attractive in their eyes. You wouldn’t be spending so much time to become familiar with each other allowing you to hate on them when you discovering something nasty or unattractive. Nope, you will never hear his snore, nor will you ever see how messy her hair can get when she wakes up.


7. Your sexual intercourse and copulation will be as hot as ever because you won’t be seeing each other very often to put it at stale.


When you engage yourself in a lover relationship, make sure that you both know your limits and do not have any or lessen your expectations to avoid frustrations and disappointments. A lover relationship isn’t something that you should keep or be in for a long period of time. Expect that it will end sooner than you think and you will be fine.


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