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What Is A Clairaudient?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, clairaudient is a person who can mentally perceive sounds beyond the range of hearing. A clairaudient has an uncanny psychic ability to hear sounds from spirits or other entities. Not only can a clairaudient  ‘hear’ such silent sounds, signals or symbols, but he can even transmit such messages ‘audibly’-get back- to the outer(spirit)  sources from which he receives the messages. A clairaudient can even hear the conversation taking place between the spirits, if this conversation has relevance to his client.

As against an experienced clairaudient psychic, even an ordinary person may on occasions have experienced clairaudience, though this experience may be too transitory and subtle to catch his active attention. You may, for example, be out for a walk and suddenly you hear some voice telling you that, back home, you have left the tap running. You look around yourself and see nobody. Still that voice keeps nagging you and forces you to return to your home, and to your surprise, you find the tap running full stream. There may be many similar instances. You hear a voice telling you that somebody is visiting you and the moment you open the door, you see him standing there about to knock. There may be others-rationalists- who may term such voices an auditory hallucination and just ignore them, of course, to their own disadvantage.

A clairaudient psychic is an extraordinarily sensitized person, who has acquired a higher level of consciousness, and can, therefore, understand the significance of such ‘audible thought patterns’. He can trace the sources of such voices from another ‘plane of existence’ and interpret them intelligently for the benefit of those who seek the truth. A clairaudient acts as a medium to speak out the messages from the outer sources for the benefit of his clients.

It may, however, be noted that there is a difference between a clairaudient and clairvoyant. Clairaudient psychic ‘hears’ messages, while a clairvoyant ‘sees’ them in the form of images in his mind’s eye. Evidently heard messages are delivered verbatim, while visual messages are interpreted, and these may result in a certain percentage-- even very small-- of subjectivity.

An experienced clairaudient psychic can go a long way to reduce and eventually alleviate the physical pain and mental suffering by going to the root of the trouble, which may not lie in the visible world. A clairaudient hears and feels with his uncanny sixth sense. He in fact ‘listens to his client’s soul, senses his fears, emotions and self-defeating patterns’ and ‘unlocks’ the pent up emotions and releases the negative energy that permeates them.

The services of our expert clairaudient can be availed through telephonic conversation, online chatting, or e-mail. A free sample service can be initially offered to the non-believers. A clairaudient psychic is a blessed soul, a spiritually elevated person, who can establish an immediate ‘radio contact’ by tuning in to the right frequency with the higher beings-angels or spirits-and transmit their healing messages or blessings to the suffering client. If you have problems like an estranged love, financial loss, business hurdle, property dispute, and you are mentally or emotionally disturbed, the issues can be addressed immediately with guaranteed success. You may have lost your way, or are haunted by an inexplicable apprehension, have a nagging fear of the unknown, hear mysterious voices or feel stalking shadows. Or, you suddenly wake up in your sleep not knowing why you have horrible dreams that soak your entire body with sweat and shake your very anatomy. It is time you see one of our clairaudient psychics who will be pleased to assist you with his empathic understanding, deep compassion and expertise in the use of astrology, tarot cards, numerology, and crystal balls and about the cross over world of spirits. You will be amazed at the speedy relief they will provide.


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