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What is a Clairaudience?

Clairvoyance, to some people, is almost synonymous with psychic. People think that clairvoyance is the power psychics have, so when they do a reading, they are using their clairvoyant skills. The truth is, clairvoyants are psychics, but not all psychics are clairvoyants.


To receive the information they need for their clients (known as the sitter), psychic readers will probe on a number of inner sources. Clairvoyants receive the information by mainly using their inner eye. You may wonder, though, what type of people are clairaudients?


If a person receives psychic information with their outer or inner hearing, then he or she is a clairaudient. The information is in the form of sounds which is received through the chakras positioned right above the ears. The sounds a clairaudient receives can range from names, words, phrases, and conversations with spirit guides or those who have crossed over.


Oftentimes, clairaudience can be connected to the actual hearing of sounds that are not physically present or in the normal range of hearing. When some psychics hear sounds this way, they use it in psychic readings and relay the information to the sitter.


Many assume that psychics can tell what happens in the future. However, clairaudience is one of several types of psychic gifts that is used to deliver information on a person’s past, present, and possible future events. Most of the time, clairaudient information frequently correlates to present situations; it can also be used to warn of future possibilities. When a person comes to a psychic, it is best to be open to any information that comes through since a psychic can receive details relating to the person’s past situation, a present issue, or a future incident.


Clairaudience can appear in the form of a phrase or word that keeps repeating in the psychic’s mind. In most cases, the information associates to the present or feelings of another person. This psychic ability is almost like telepathy since the phrases, words or snippets received by the psychic represents something a person has told the client or sitter.


Many clairaudients have experienced having full conversations with spirit guides, those who have crossed over, or through perceiving the thoughts of another person. However, the information clairaudients receive can be a bit cryptic, but decrypting it would depend on the psychic’s individual ability.


Psychics are able to receive odds and ends that is somewhat like pieces of a puzzle. When these pieces are put together, the psychic can interpret the whole picture.  Clairaudient information collects names, phrases, and sounds – like knocking or silver bells. This information can often be symbolic. Hearing a bell or knock can signify the existence of a spirit. The symbolic sounds may mean something different for each reader or psychic, depending on his or her experience. Over time, a reader will learn how to interpret each sound he or she hears.


Clairaudience is a good way to provide insight around a person’s thoughts, mindset, and how they will experience a situation since a clairaudient has an idea about what is inside someone’s mind and can sometimes hear their thoughts. Clairaudience is one of several psychic abilities. It is vital to bear in mind that not all sentient or psychics are able to hear things in the course of a reading. For people who want to obtain information from loved ones who have passed away and have crossed over, make sure the reader that has sparked your interest has the gift of mediumship.



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