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What Exactly is a Psychic?

The word ‘psychic’ has been derived from the Greek word psyche which means ‘mind or soul’. It is from this root-psyche- that words like psychic, psychism, and psychology have been derived. All these words and the subjects related to them study the nature of the psyche, its relation to man, his spiritual nature, as well as the world about him, including the astral world.

A psychic is a person who possesses extra sensory perceptions, superfine intuition, and the third eye to look clearly beyond the present veils of nature. He can also look into the past and the future. He is gifted with an uncanny ability to see, hear, and feel by using his senses other than the natural five senses. He is endowed with subtle psychic energy of an exalted and accomplished yogi.

A psychic has paranormal faculties with which he can see through the boundaries of space and time, cause and effect, as they are normally understood. He is, therefore, extraordinarily sensitive to the non-physical or supernatural forces and influences and as a result, capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy.

The history of every culture and civilization is teeming with psychic incidents and their magical character, which cannot be explained in terms of physical sciences. There were people who could contact the forces, powers, and beings that belonged to a more subtle plane of existence. They could see the spirits, talk to them about the present, past and future and seek their benign guidance. This guidance could be used to heal the sick, which could be done by a mere touch—the healing touch. Their advice could also be used to resolve many other issues equally vital to the human peace, happiness, and welfare.

The phenomenon of psychism can be explained by the fact that each one of us has ‘an astral counterpart’ and it is through this, our physical replicas acquire the knowledge which is otherwise beyond the five physical senses.

The ancient wisdom teaches us that there is more to the universe that meets the eye and is beyond the realm of the physical senses or that can be understood by our laboratory tests and researches. There is a vast invisible realm filled with super conscious spiritual entities which continually interact with our physical universe.

This indeed, is a fascinating subject for an ordinary man, but there is nothing magical about it. We can now see with our physical eyes (through powerful telescopes) the light that emanated from stars so distant that it took millions of years for it to reach us. It is no less than a marvel. The study of psychics at the present is only a small indicator of that marvelous world which is yet to unravel itself in the near future.

Every one of us, to some degree, has psychic powers of various types- the extra sensory perception, the sixth sense, telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. Yet we are not fully aware of their existence in the latent state or our potential to develop them. Some of us are gifted with these faculties from our birth, while others have to develop them with hard work, diligence, and study. Developing psychic powers is like developing any other talent. You need to work hard to uncover these talents and bring finesse in them by seeking the guidance of some master psychic.

You can not be a psychic, least of all a successful psychic, unless you observe certain amount of physical and mental discipline in your daily life. You have to be religious---not in the narrow sense-- and spiritual in your professions and practice. Above all you have to be compassionate towards your fellow beings, animals and the environment as a whole. This will enable you to develop empathy and understanding of those with whom you deal. The more relaxed and receptive the mind, the better you will be able to unravel the mysteries of nature.



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