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What can a tarot reading convey about you?

What can a deck of cards possibly convey about you? Well, they can tell a whole lot about you at a given time. The same cards can reveal different things about you at different times. There are two kinds of Tarot Readings. You can choose between a “question reading” and an “open reading.”

You opt for a “question tarot reading” if you need a specific question answered. A tarot reading will not give you an exact yes or no answer; rather it will give you a guide to help you make the right decision. It is therefore important how you phrase your question before a tarot reading.

If you already have the answer to your question and just want it reinforced with a tarot reading, you are not allowing the reading to help you make the right decision. You should not ask a very detailed question rather your question must be focused with only the needed detail to relay what you want the cards to say. In short instead of asking how you can schedule work and household chores and still have time to go to the gym, ask a more focused question like how you can balance your daily schedule.

To get a realistic tarot reading, focus your questions on yourself and not on someone else. Instead of asking why your husband is spending so much time with his friends instead of with you, ask what role you play in allowing your husband to do such a thing.

While the questions you ask in a tarot reading should be focused on yourself, they have to be neutral. Instead of asking how you can get your husband to help you more with the household chores, how to create teamwork regarding household chores is more neutral. Additionally the questions you ask should always be phrased in a positive manner. Instead of asking why you have not been promoted in your work, ask what you can do to get a promotion.

Open tarot readings on the other hand do not address a specific problem or question. You usually go for this type of reading when you are about to make major changes in your life such as getting married. 


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