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What are the Different Types of Clairvoyants?

According to conventional definition, clairvoyance is referred to as the ability to perceive or acquire information that cannot usually be derived from using the basic human senses. The word was also originally coined from two French words, which meant “clear seeing”.  The practitioners of this ancient form of divination are often called clairvoyants. Below are some helpful information on the different types of clairvoyants.


The ancient art of palm reading, or palmistry, is a form of fortune telling, which often uses the lines or creases on the individual's hands, in order to provide the subject with a reading on life, career forecasts and other future events.  Palm readings generally focus on a person's fate or future, and a palm reader usually begins the activity by first asking the customers to display his or her dominant hand and palm.   Each crease or line on the person's palm is associated with certain traits, aspects or events in a person's life.  Some lines on the palm may also relate to the person;s romantic life, religious background, ethnic origin or work background.  There are different schools of thought for palmistry, and this often depends on the practitioner's country of origin or religious affiliation.  Some palm readers firmly believe that each hand will provide helpful insights on the person's life, while other palm readers focus on the person's cuticles, finger nails and other natural marks.

Tarot Card Readers

One of the most recognized forms of clairvoyance is tarot card reading.  The tarot is a deck of cards that are divided into different suits and values. The tarot deck is also divided into two groups, the Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards).  The tarot is randomly drawn, and often laid out in a symbolic order, to create a good reading.  A tarot card reading is often done to  predict future events or occurrences, as well as to provide advice and guidance on different matters, from relationships to career fortunes, money matters, health concerns and more. A professional tarot card reader is often known to spend months, or even years honing their skills, and gaining a full understanding of each card's meaning.

Other Forms of Clairvoyance

Another type of clairvoyance is “augury”. Augury refers to a type of clairvoyance that relies on performing keen observations of the natural world, for gaining insight. Augury usually requires that the interpretation be made by trained individuals, especially holy men and religious experts who are trained to interpret visions and signs from a higher power or authority. Traditional augury practitioners also often rely on natural signs such as bird patterns and weather changes for making interpretations.  For instance, if a bird is released, and it flies north, the clairvoyant will or may say that a battle or skirmish will occur.  Most augury rites are often performed, or incorporated into religious ceremonies.

The job of developing one's clairvoyance skills is often compared to opening the windows during spring or summer, and letting the fresh air and natural light in.  As we all have the capacity to become clairvoyants, the more we meditate and open ourselves up to the possibility of seeing the world in a different light, the better our chances of achieving our goals. 


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