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Ways to Improve a Relationship

A good relationship with someone means that you love him or her for who and what they are at this very moment and love them for what they have and can give to you. You wouldn’t love someone because you want them to change and be a different person in the future. You should never ask them for something that they could not give and provide you with as that would mean the destruction of your relationship. You wouldn’t want your partner to be asking you of something that you do not have or cannot give, yes? It’s okay to ask as long as you know that you should be fair into giving out your demands and be rational about it.


Here are some of the proven and corroborated ways of how you can improve, refine and polish your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. These tips could help you steady a shaky relationship or strengthen more an already strong relationship. Just like everyone says, there is always room for improvement, yes?


1. Build and fortify your friendship because relationships are all about being connected to the love of your life. You should always maintain your closeness, your affection and your intimacy so the both of you will feel secured about each other. Make sure you do something together regularly that you both enjoy like watching a movie at the mall, eating at your favorite restaurant even without any occasion or going to the beach and surf in the waves. You can also ask your partner to sit with you on a comfy couch and just talk about yourselves and your relationship and update each other with what’s happening lately. You could ask how their week went or if they met someone new in their workplace or who or what is making them stressed lately or if they developed a new interest recently, or just plainly discuss about random things.


2. Remember to always treasure each other and show your appreciation to your partner. Never forget how you made your partner feel when you first started dating and never lose those extra effort that you put in for your partner just to see the smile on his or her face. Continue showering the one you love with compliments, little gifts, written letters or anything that would remind them everyday that you love and care for them so much.


3. Focus on what’s happening in the present time so you know that you’re in control of what going to happen in the future. This does not mean that you automatically know what is going to happen to your relationship but at least, focusing in the present will prepare you for what is about to come. Also, appreciate the ordinary days that you spend together as you will appreciate the special days more, such as your anniversary or birthdays. Remember that it is the little things that matter most.


4. Focus on the positive and let go of the negative. If you only see the negative things that your partner is doing then expect a fight every now and then. Why don’t you just let go of the negative things and just give your attention to the positive things?


For example, she cooked burnt pork chops for dinner. Instead of reprimanding her because of the burnt chops, why not just thank her for putting an effort into cooking your dinner? He washed the dishes after eating but one slipped and scattered all over the floor. Instead of scolding him about the shattered plate, why not thank him for his effort of washing the dishes? Try to see the good in every thing and in every situation.


5. Identify and know your goals and make sure that the both of you agree to the goals that you are going to set and aim for the future. Once one of you sets another goal for himself or herself in the future then it might bring a lot of fights in your relationship because you have different things in mind that you would want to accomplish. But if you have the same goals then you will even have the chance to practice your teamwork as a couple and it would be more satisfying when you both achieve your goals together resulting in a stronger and healthier relationship.


6. Understand when your partner is frustrated, angry and mad, it could be at you or it could because of another reason. It is part of human nature to be angry at someone or to be frustrated by something, what’s not normal is when it become established and settled in a person to always be mad and irritated even with the small things. You, as a loving partner, will have to understand your significant other. Do not be mad at her when she’s mad at you and do not raise your voice even when he’s screaming at you. In a heated argument, try to be the calmer person so you can assess and fix whatever it is that you are fighting about.


7. You have to accept the things and matters that are unsolvable. There are things in a relationship that just couldn’t be fixed even when you and your partner already tried hard to do so and that is okay. For example, you do not like your in-laws, so what can you do? You cannot totally get rid of them because they are the parents of your partner. All you can do is to accept the fact that you’ll be seeing more them. But make sure that you discuss things with your partner so he or she is aware that you feel that way. Also, instead of sulking over something that couldn’t be settled, try to focus on the things that you can still resolve and sort out.

When you are in a relationship with the one you love, make sure to always compromise and adjust as long and as much as you can. Love isn’t about just receiving but it is also about giving everything that you can. It is vital that you take care of your partner in order to enjoy a happy and healthy relationship. When you are stressed, do not avoid him or her instead, share your burdens with them so you can lighten up the load that you are carrying and at the same time, making them aware how you feel and sharing a part of you to them. This can strengthen and lengthen the relationship.


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