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Ways to identify a good psychic

A psychic is a person who asserts that he or she has extrasensory perception that allows them to gather and collect knowledge and information that could not be obtained and gained by the five basic senses which are the sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.


There are quite a lot of people who deceives and tricks people into having a reading and pretends to be a psychic. They take advantage of the people who seem to be interested to have and book for a psychic reading, charging them big and leaving them with fake information.


You have to be aware of how and what a genuine and authentic psychic should be, in order to prevent yourself from getting ripped off by charlatans and fakes.


Let us begin!


  1. A good psychic should have a few, loyal clients

Yes, this is should be one of the basis of being a good psychic as this means that their loyal clients keep on going back for another reading. Maybe their first experience was very good that is why they kept on coming back.


Also, when a psychic gives a reading to other people, he or she is using his or her energy which can cause them to be drained and be tired quickly. They could only absorb and let out so much in each day. What psychics do is that they:



  1. A good psychic should be innately attached and affectionate with animals

Usually, when you go and visit an office, a stall or a home of a psychic reader, they have an animal or animals who live and stay beside them most of the times. They usually find comfort in these animals, allowing them to extend their energies and chakras for as long as possible before getting tired and exhausted.


  1. A good psychic should be honest

When you first see a psychic, your initial reaction would be to ask what they can do and what the cannot do. If you do, they should tell you and be upfront about it as there is no reason why they should keep their abilities from you.

Also, keep in mind that psychics could not read what is on your mind but they are able to receive or pick up knowledge and information through visions and energies. They might pickup images and vision that could reveal something about your future but they cannot see the future as a whole. Also the are able to take a peek into the past.


Good psychics should tell you about their limitations and shortcomings and they should immediately inform you that they would not have all the answers to all your questions but they will definitely try to reach out to the spirits and ask for guidance and information.


  1. A good psychic doesn’t always charge too much and sometimes work for free

Authentic and genuine psychics know that their gifts and abilities are not for them to use with the goal of being rich but they know that they should offer their capabilities to the people around them, and sometimes they will do it for free. Often times, these psychics would offer a reading to a friend or two for free.

They should never rely on their abilities to put food on the table. Yes, they can charge people of course, but not too expensive. They know that most of the people around them are in need of guidance and counseling so they would be empathic enough to help and assist in whatever way they could.


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