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Ways to develop your inner psychic abilities

When you actually think about developing psychic abilities, you might feel like it’s going to be a hard and long journey to master such abilities. You might be right regarding the long journey as it really takes a lot of practice to develop your psychic gifts, but it won’t be too hard. Try these things to be able to achieve the development and progress that you want for your psychic abilities.


  1. Welcome all the messages that you receive.

You should be aware that we get and receive messages and information everyday but we just oftentimes get preoccupied with a lot of things in our everyday lives that we forget to calm and relax our minds to clear unnecessary thoughts that clutter in our heads. We seem to mind everything that is right in front of us but we forget to focus on what is hidden which is our feelings and thoughts for the people, places, things and events that is happening around us. Try to meditate and broaden your mind. Let everything else go to be able to receive intuitive information and knowledge from the Spirits.


  1. Don’t let the negative things affect you.

Your journey to heightening and broadening the range and intensity of your psychic abilities should start with the willingness to let go of the unimportant and insubstantial things and worries. Just focus on what is good and what is beneficial for everyone else. Holding on to negativity would not do you any good, or anyone else for that matter. Choosing to surround yourself with positivity and optimism will not only help to lighten your mood and remove your anxiety about everything, it could also affect the people who you come in contact with. Staying positive will enable you to “see” clearly and would eliminate the possible blocks on your abilities.


  1. Follow your intuition.

As simple as it sounds, this means go with your gut feeling or instincts. Have you ever felt like something isn’t right without having any logical explanation behind your thought? Follow whatever you feel because most of the time, it will turn out right.


  1. Make sure you are developing your gifts for selfless purposes

This only mean that you should not develop your psychic abilities because you think that the Spirits will give you the winning lottery numbers or to get something for yourself. Remember that you will be the one offering and extending your psychic gifts to everyone else but keep in mind that you shouldn’t use it for your own benefits. Think of it as having a contract with God that asks you to take care of other people and keep doing good for the sake of humanity and He will take care of you spiritually, mentally and physically. Just keep the faith and let all else be on His hands.


  1. Practice!

The best way to practice is to get people whom you just slightly know to have a reading with you. There is a large tendency that if you read your friends or someone close to you then your reading will be subjective. Try to stay neutral.


  1. Stay calm, quiet and the answers will come.

When the reading starts, focus on the questions that your mind is asking about the person you ar reading. Answers will definitely come to you and whatever come into mind first, say it out loud and do not let yourself think or object or else you might hesitate to tell it to the person in front of you.


  1. You will get something wrong, and that is all right.

Being wrong is okay. You might tell the person you are reading something about him or her losing his or her job but then she objects “No, I have actually been the employee-of-the-month for 5 straight months now. What are you talking about?”, then possibly after three months he or she gets fired because the company needs to layoff due to bankruptcy. What you might be seeing is a message that tells about the future. Go tell it anyway.



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