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Visions of the Mind and Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance or “clear seeing” is from the French word that means just that. The term is usually associated with an ability to foresee an event, to know information or to have knowledge about certain details not previously known to anyone. This ability is said to be present in some individuals, and they are commonly believed to have a sixth sense. People who have this so – called sixth sense often have dreams, which later turn out to be an event or a story referring to someone’s life and problems.

Many scientific experiments have been conducted to prove that clairvoyant individuals have the correct and accurate solutions or clues to problems that are difficult to solve. So far, no team of scientists has been satisfied by the results, even if the clairvoyant person has indeed helped in solving certain problems like finding missing objects or people. However, there are many individuals who gained a certain degree of recognition because of their ability to ‘see’ in their minds the answers to some problems that are difficult to solve. Most of those who are said to be clairvoyant do not dress up in gypsy clothes or gaze into crystal balls. They also have no intention to use their sixth sense or clairvoyance for monetary profit.

Anyone who exercises this sixth sense is said to have ESP or extra sensory perception. ESP is a sense other than our usual five senses or that which they call sixth sense. The Bible has many answers about this ability. In the Bible, people with this ability are called prophets and they were given this gift so that people may know that there is one powerful Supreme Being who can make things happen. Biblical Prophets usually practice this ability to make people change their ways or to make leaders turn their eyes to a true and living God.

In contemporary times, many people who are clairvoyant know of things or events that happened or are about to happen after seeing their visions or after having dreams. The natural world and the world of scientific inquiry do not have an explanation for these types of abilities in some individuals. Clairvoyance is still considered today as unexplainable phenomena that need to be observed and studied in closely controlled conditions.   

An example of the clues or visions that a clairvoyant person may see, are numbers or a particular location. This may be seen through visions or dreams. Later on, the clairvoyant person may find out that this number that keeps appearing in his or her mind is the winning number in a specific race. Much later still, a place that keeps appearing in a clairvoyant’s mind turns out to be the property of a friend who gives the person a tour of the place. A clearer explanation of this phenomenon may perhaps be ready in the near future. In the meantime, many remain as skeptic observers while some believe that it is an ability that can be developed among certain individuals.                


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