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Use Your Psychic Intuition!

Intuition means an instinctive awareness of an impending event. You feel something is going to occur, though you cannot explain the reasons of its occurrence. The impending event casts a deep shadow on your thoughts and you cannot trace its origin. It is a kind of unconscious knowledge. It may even appear as a vision before your mind’s eye. A mother may feel that some thing ominous has happened to her son who is at the war front and soon thereafter she receives news that he has been grievously injured.

 Intuition quite often plays a significant role in taking important decisions at critical moments even though all the rational arguments and evidence may go against that decision. There are numerous examples of intuitive decisions taken in war, business, share market, establishing new relationships, treks, expeditions and so on. You postpone your flight for no ostensible reason and then find that a crash has occurred in the same flight.

In sports and athletics, a baseball coach expects a “hot hand” meaning that a player will hit the ball again even if he hit it before and his guess often proves correct.

Intuition is synonymous with sixth sense, the third eye or extra sensory perception. Scientists trace the origin of intuition to the unconscious mind, which becomes more active in certain situations and influences our thinking process. And since intuition may spring out of the unconscious mind, it becomes difficult to explain it rationally.

Some people like psychics and seers are more intuitive than others and they accurately predict the course of events. The declarations of the psychics in quite a number of cases are termed ‘anomalous cognition’. The reason why the psychics and seers are more intuitive is that they have honed their mind/intellect to listen to their natural feelings. They have learnt to tap their unconscious mind in a more creative way. Or, it may be explained that they have learnt to keep their active mind relaxed and still to enable it to listen to the intuition emanating from the unconscious mind. Moreover, stilling and controlling their mind helps them to connect with the Universal Mind that is the ultimate repository of truth which appears in form of intuition. 


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