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Unveiling the Tarot Card Meanings

Did you ever wonder what do those images in tarot cards means? How powerful those cards are to reveal what our future will be? Tarot cards consist of 78 cards. Each card has its own meanings. Learn the basic meaning of those decks.

Tarot card meanings can be more deeply learned through the major groups, the major arcana and minor arcana. Although both are important, major arcana carries a greater weight than minor arcane. Major arcane symbolizes strong, deep and mysterious part of life while the minor arcane is all about daily life, emotions and thinking. Here are basic tarot card meanings:

Major Arcana

< >(The World)-moving on to other place. The luckiest of all tarot card

Minor Arcana

Minor arcana are divided into four suits:

Wands-(Spirit) signifies great interest on something, a drive to do something, an inspiration to others and creativeness.

Pentacles- (Physical) refer to the physical thing like wealth and health but have a deeper meaning. It is more of material things that people know. It is also symbolize the fruit of hard works. This point out financial success.

Swords- (Thought) - refer to the mind and thinking. Though sometimes, because of uncontrollable thoughts, swords are misunderstood but powerful means.

Cups (Emotions) - The element is water. Tarot cups represent human soul and heart.


Tarot card meanings may seem hard to understand but they represent the deeper meaning of life. Some commit and devote their whole time and effort to learn tarot card meanings.

You don’t have to be a professional psychic to learn more of decks. Your will and concentration will help you to learn even just the basic of tarot card meanings.



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