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How to Unlock and Develop your Psychic Eye

According to psychic experts, each one of us is born with some form of psychic ability.  However, unlocking and developing these psychic potentials can be an extremely challenging tasks, because it involves more than just learning new skills or tricks.  It also involves a great deal of dedication and intent  And by unlocking your inner psychic potentials, you learn to develop a connection with others, and deepen the connection with your inner self as well.  Below are a number of helpful suggestions on how to unlock, and develop your psychic eye.

Emotionally And Spiritually Dedicate Yourself To Improving Your Psychic Eye

One of the keys to fully developing your psychic potentials, is by committing both your spiritual  and emotional energies to unleashing the psychic in you.  Try to choose a spiritual practice which will help you create a new pattern for balancing the energy within your body.  One of the best ways for crafting a  psychic spiritual path would be to regularly meditate and chant.  Look for information online on classes and resources for meditating, as well as learn the practice of Buddhists  and Hindu Ashrams.

Learn To Be Patient

In unlocking and developing you inner psychic potentials, always make it a point to be patient with yourself, and never make a rush to unleash these psychic gifts, as this will only deter you from achieving your main goals. Learn to identify any unhealthy habits, and look for anything that can create imbalances in the mind, body and psyche. If there are any blockages or hindrances, these could make the task of developing your inner psychic potentials  a very tough task.

Explore Different Methods For Channeling Your Psychic Ability

In the task of unleashing your psychic potentials. You can also try exploring different methods for channeling psychic ability. You can opt to buy a tarot card, and learn the meaning of each card.  Also practice a simple tarot card spread, and concentrate on a certain question while shuffling the deck,  Now choose three cards, and put them face up on the table.  The 1st card will signify the past, while the 2nd card  represents the Present, and the 3rd card  represents the future. When interpreting the cards, make sure you clear your mind of any distractions or useless thoughts.

Once you feel that your intuition slowly emerges, pay close attention to it.  While you may see unexpected visions or images in your mind, and many of these will be random thoughts, pay close attention to what you see or feel.  Also find out if you experience a feeling of emotional lightness, or a light feeling in the abdomen, or the “third eye”.  And if you're giving a psychic reading to others, make sure you tell your clients or subjects that you;re still in the growing or development stage of being a psychic, and you may be inaccurate in some of your readings. By being honest and open, you will slowly be able to unleash your psychic eye, and become a reputable and transparent psychic reader someday. 


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