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Understanding the basics of mediumship

In basic explanation, mediumship is the practice and application of the abilities of the gifted people known as mediums.  It is the method where the mediums allows the spirits from the spiritual realm to use their bodies or minds as a channel to communicate or link with a living person on the physical or material world.


The mediums are able to gather and receive knowledge and information, may be true or not, channel energies and communicate with a spirit of a person who passed away.


Mediumship requires two involved parties: one is a person from Earth, which we call the channel or the medium, and the other one is a spirit from the other realm, also known as the communicator. A spirit communicator is someone who is willing to communicate verbally, mentally or visually with mediums. While a spirit operator is a spirit who is willing to work with mediums to be able to manipulate energy systems.


Two types of mediumship


Mental mediumship


In mental mediumship, the method or process of relaying and receiving messages, information, knowledge and wisdom is usually by thought transference or most commonly known as mental telepathy. Mental telepathy is the transmitting of knowledge via thoughts, not including or utilizing any of five basic senses of human beings: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. All of the conversations between the medium and the spirit takes place via mental telepathy and inside the consciousness of the medium. Another term for mental mediumship is telepathic mediumship.


It is the medium’s job to accumulate and perceive all the messages and information from the communicator via mental mediumship and relay it all to the recipient of the information, most commonly known as the sitter. The medium should not have personal influence and relationship with the sitter as to prevent bias or fake information.


Physical Mediumship


In physical mediumship, the spirit operators work on something that might physically affect the Earth or someone here on Earth by controlling and altering the physical energies. Usually, physical mediumship can be witnessed by other people rather than just the medium.


What is the difference between a psychic and a medium? Is there any?


Well, there is not much difference but yes, there is. Basically all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. A psychic’s ability is to gather up information with their extrasensory perception, they are able to see the auras and feel the vibrations of the people around them. They have this heightened sense of sight, feeling and hearing with their minds.


While a medium can also have those skills and gifts, they have one particular and special ability that clairvoyants do not have. They can collect their energy and use to connect or link with a spirit so they could talk to them to get knowledge and information.


That is the difference between a psychic and a medium. As some of the psychics do not always have the gift to communicate with a spirit.


How can mediums collect and convene messages and intelligence from the spiritual realm?


The mediums are required to raise their vibration to be able to connect with a spirit and in return, the spirit must lower their vibration if they are willing to reach out to the medium and be connected to. Spirits possess more elevated frequencies than sentient people. Both must adjust to establish a connection and proceed with the conversation or exchange of information.


Could the messages from the spirits be vague? Why?

Yes, because the language that the spirit speaks or shows is foreign language to us. They communicate by emotions and images as both sides would be able to get these. It is up to the medium to interpret those messages and knowledge.


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