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Types of Telepathy

Latent Telepathy - This type of telepathy is also called deferred telepathy because the transmission of information is not instant. There is a deal of time from when the information is sent and from when it is received.

Retrocognitive Telepathy - This type of telepathy means that information sent from one mind to another is about the past. This is very useful when the information needed is something that no one in the present knows. Psychics use this type of telepathy to understand the past and help seekers understand why things are happening in the present.

Precognitive Telepathy - This type of telepathy is all about the future. Information sent is about the things that may come. Seekers can benefit from this ability by gaining insight of what is still to come. Psychics have the ability to gain information from whoever or wherever even if it means travelling from one time to another.

Intuitive Telepathy - Intuition is like the more popularly known gut feel. Gut feel is what we feel about the things that are happening in the present. Intuitive telepathy is just that. It gives the psychic information about the present. Some may receive it as hunches but psychics know which of these are of value and which are not.

Emotive Telepathy - The above types of telepathy are information or messages. Emotive telepathy on the other hand is feelings. With emotive telepathy, psychics can influence others by sending these emotions. It is for this reason that emotive telepathy is also called remote influence.

Superconscious Telepathy - This type of telepathy is not called superconscious for nothing. It was called as such because it refers to the type of telepathy that taps the subconscious of mankind in general. It can be used to gain greater truths and to receive information far vast that the ordinary human minds.


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