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Two Common Types of Tarot Card Readings

A lot of people might have been wondering what a tarot reading really is and what the deck of strange looking tarot cards mean. People might ask if the tarot cards would be able to help them in their lives and what good would it bring if they choose to have a tarot reading with a tarot card reader.


So what is a tarot card reading?


Basically speaking, a tarot reading is one of the oldest forms of foretelling the future by using a deck of tarot cards. A tarot cards deck is composed of seventy eight cards and can only be used by psychic readers who have an intuitive ability of gathering and accumulating useful knowledge and information about a certain person.


Usually, the tarot reader, who is skilled and knowledgeable, will perform a tarot reading to a certain person and lay out cards in front of them that will determine or tell their fate. The spread used will depend on what type of reading does the client want to have, for example, a love reading, a reading about their careers or a reading that would make them understand their inner self, their characteristics as a person and personalities.


What are the types of tarot card readings?


There are two common types of tarot card readings:


1. Open Readings


Basically, open readings are more about the bigger things in life. This is usually done when a person is entering a new stage in life or when they are starting a major change that could affect their own life and their family’s way of living. For example, seeking guidance on whether or not you should get married, its pros and cons and how you can cope in a life with your better half, or when you are graduating in college and you still feel lost as to what you want to do with your life or how to start living like an adult. You can sway the reading into something that you have always wanted to know like things about your health or career but you can’t ask something more specific than that.


2. Questions Readings


During a question reading, clients ask all the questions in their heads to the tarot card reader and they will try to gather information about the question asked to them. Tarot cards aren’t for yes or no questions, it is better if you try to ask queries that requires an explanation as to what happened or why things are happening to you at the moment because those kinds of questions are what tarot cards are meant to answer. A skilled tarot reader should:





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