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Truth in the Eyes of a Clairvoyant

A clairvoyant is basically a person who claims to have the ability of clairvoyance which allows them to see things that could not be seen by the naked eye, such as spirits, auras, energies and vibrations of the people around them. This ability also allows them to gather, accumulate and receive intuitive information and knowledge about certain people, places, things and events if they focus their energies into connecting to the said person, item, or place. Clairvoyance is an extrasensory perception that allows the bearer to see things through their mind’s eye or their third eyes. Another term it is called is the “sixth sense”. They could see images, symbols, signs, words, colors and visions in their heads and they could decipher and interpret the relevance and meaning of the said vision so that they could relay its message to the person concerned or involved. There are other extrasensory abilities, these are: 1. Clairaudience – clear hearing – This is when you are able to gather intuitive information through your hearing. You are able to hear noises, words, whispering, tapping, knocking, and many more, that could have been done by spirit or other nonexistent beings such as spirits, angels, demons, etc. 2. Clairsentience – clear physical feeling – This is when you rely most on your gut feeling and you feel things viscerally, just like a physical sensation that runs through your body. 3. Clairempathy – clear emotional feeling – This is when you can feel the feelings and emotions of the people around you and then you immediately know their thoughts and sentiments. 4. Claircognizance – clear knowing – This is when you just suddenly know that something is happening or the truth behind something based on your own knowledge and the feeling that you just know. 5. Clairsalience – clear smelling – This is when you can receive knowledge and information through the smell of things, like the smell of a certain perfume of a certain person who isn’t anywhere near you. 6. Clairgustance – clear tasting – This is when you are able to receive intuitive information by tasting with your tongue even if you do not have food or anything inside your mouth. 7. Cleartangecy – clear touching – This is also known as psychometry and this is when you suddenly know facts and information about a certain person, place or thing when you get into physical contact with them or when you touch them with your hand. Could anyone just open their third eye? Or is it natural by birth? Yes, anyone who wants and who is willing could open their third eye. All you will have to do is find the will to focus and try to do meditation and visualization on your own. There are a lot of books that you can buy and read at home to fully develop your third eye. Make sure to meditate everyday for fifteen to thirty minutes and just focus on clearing your mind for a more positive and open you. What is a vision like? Well, they say that a clairvoyant’s vision is not really that clear when they see in their minds. Sometimes, they feel as if they are just seeing a ray of colors or blurred images. It is not exactly like you are watching a scene of a movie inside your head. It is more like glimpses and flashes of images, words, and symbols most of the time. That is why you would need an experienced, skilled and genuine clairvoyant for you to be able to have an almost accurate interpretation of the images and visions because if you go to psychics who have no experience yet then you would just waste your time on the sitting as you wouldn’t have the best interpretation


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