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Tips on How to Win Your Love Back

Do you still love that person and you want them back? Don’t be sad, you can still get him/her back to you.

One common mistake among individuals who want their partner back is that they are doing everything that they can to push their partner away. It is true that they are really trying very hard, but they are not realizing that what they are doing is not an act of winning him/her again. Instead, it is an act of pushing him/her away. For your to be successful on your plan, here are some tips that will surely work.

First, know how to keep your self-worth.

Be strong and do not appear too needy or desperate in front of him. Do not threaten him by saying that you cannot live without him, that you will commit suicide if he will not come back to you. Those signs of weaknesses are also signs of being selfish. If you appear needy and weak, he might run away from you. Bring out the best of you, and try to remember what qualities you have that attracted him. Maybe, you have lost those qualities so your relationship went to a mess. Make him fall for you again by showing him that you’re old “you” is back.

Do not rush her to accept your love again.

Give her some time to think and decide. If you show that you are sincere in bringing her back again to your life, she might accept you too. However, it may take some time before she will accept you again. It does not take a day to mend a broken heart because she might be hurt from your recent love quarrel (LQ) or break-up. Another thing that you should not do is forcing her to get back to you by using her weaknesses.

For example, you know that she is in desperate need of money because her mother is in the hospital. And, you also know that you can afford to give that money to her. Never use the “money” reason for her to get back to you. If you really want her back, you can just help her without expecting any favour. She might realize that you are sincere to help her.

Do not bug him.

Calling him/her every hour of the day will irritate him. Telling him about your feelings every time will just piss him. Following him wherever he goes will just make him run away from you. You should understand that he needs space as well to sort his feelings. He needs space to understand you, and to realize if he still loves you. You should understand that rekindling the love between you takes some time.

You can win him/her back again if you do the rightful thing.

However, if you fail to bring back the relationship that you had, do not feel bitter. Move on with your life and cherish the relationship that you had. Remember and learn from mistakes of the past and who knows, you might find another love along the way that could lead to a happy and lifetime relationship.


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