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Tips for Finding Love and Happiness

Do you believe in destiny, or that the right romantic partner will just come in the right time? Are you dreaming of finding your Prince Charming, or knight in shining armor? Well, everyone perhaps longs for finding true love, in fairy-tale fashion. However the truth is that finding love and happiness can also be a gut-wrenching and burdensome activity both physically and emotionally. Many would perhaps agree with author Margaret B. Runbeck who says that, “Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling”. While true love doesn’t come instantly, here are a few helpful tips on how to find true love and happiness.

 You Cannot Change Him/Her but you can Influence Them 

Each of us is unique, distinct, and incomparable. Remember that change doesn't happen overnight, and it takes a long process, and requires a willingness of the person to change. Therefore, guide your partner towards the right way to go. Remember, a relationship takes two people to work it out.

“It Takes Two to Tango”

As mentioned earlier, it takes both a man and a woman to make the relationship stronger and deeper. Thus, partners should learn to swallow their pride, and learn to give way to their partner. Forget the “Me, myself and I” attitude, and if there are things that you don’t agree upon, it would be much better to discuss and settle the problem,and resolve things before bedtime.
Remember the Good Times
whenever one or both partners feel mad, sad or simply want to remnisce, it would help if they recall the good times, especially during the early years or weeks of the relationship. Thus, instead of arguing or dwelling on the present problems and issues, why don't partners hold hands, take a relaxing walk, or just sit in the park, and talk about the sweet times that they experienced.

Value the Person

If you value the person, it means you don’t want to lose him or her because you consider your partner a precious jewel. Tell your partner “I love you” every day as much as possible. This magic word is usually  forgotten at th elatter parts of the relationship, but is frequently mentioned during the start of the relationship. And to sweeten things, why not try giving him/her flowers or chocolates?. Remember that love need not be costly, as there are a lot of affordable, and even free things you can give to your love one. You can even go online, and choose to send you partner romantic e-cards or love quotes.

A famous saying goes line this - real happiness is to accept and love others the way the are not wanht you want them to be with equates with true love.





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