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Things to Remember in Living a Psychic Life

There is no big difference between a psychic life and a human life. The only difference is that psychics are living carefully in order to protect the psychic powers that they have. If they are not going to protect their powers, these abilities will be very weak, or the worst thing can happen: losing their psychic powers. If you have discovered that you have psychic abilities, then it is time for you to start living the life of a psychic so that you can protect the powers that you have? How are you going to live like a psychic?

First, keep your physical body healthy. No matter how strong your mind or spirit is, if the physical body is very weak, you will not be able to accomplish all the things that your mind wants you to do. Your physical body hosts your spirit, thus, you have to take care of it properly. Eat healthy foods every day. As much as possible, go for organic foods. Stay away from processed foods, and refrain from drinking too much alcohol. Also, keep your body fit by getting enough exercise.

Second, take some time to meditate and pray. Meditating and praying are parts of a psychic life. A psychic’s life cannot be completed without meditation. You have to meditate to maintain your focus and to bring inner peace to yourself. You have to meditate when you are losing your concentration so that you can keep it back. Aside from meditating, you have to be connected to the Source of Power as well by praying. If you lost your connection to the Source, your psychic powers will be weaken. Another way of connecting with the Source aside from praying is staying with Nature. When you are connecting with Nature, your vibrations are becoming stronger, as well as your Prana.

Also, you have to keep your mind and alert. A psychic life involves an alert and healthy mind. You can keep your mind healthy and alert by reading some books and doing strategic games. By doing these, you are not just entertaining yourself, but you are feeding your mind with healthy foods. Reading a new book each week can make your mind powerful. You can also keep your mind alert by playing video games.

Finally, you have to live a balanced life. Do not just focus on your social life. You have to pay attention to your spiritual, physical, intellectual and mental life as well. If you are living a balanced psychic life, by making your mind, spirit and body healthy, you are healing all of the pain that you are feeling. If you had a painful memory from the past, you can totally overcome it. If you are hurt physically because of some sort of accident, you can easily heal it if you keep your physical body healthy. You will be able to understand deeper things if you are living a healthy spiritual life. By living a balanced psychic life, you are opening a new door for yourself, not just as a psychic, but as a human.


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