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The Value of Taking a Psychic Test

Each one of us is born with some form of psychic ability, and one of the best ways for fully determining our psychic skills is by taking a comprehensive psychic examination.  Here's a brief look at the value of taking a psychic test.

What The Test Provides You

A psychic examination provides the individual with a better understanding of his or her mystic and paranormal abilities.  It also provides a glimpse of what type of psychic ability the person has.  The person could be a clairvoyant (a person who is able to see and hear events and things from faraway) , and he/she can be a medium (a person who is able to communicate with the dead, and with other spirits), or an effective Tarot card or rune reader.

What Are The Different Psychic Tests Available Today?

There are different types of psychic tests and exams available today.  Each test is designed to measure the degree of psychic abilities or spiritual gifts, and it can also be used as a tool for developing the person's psychic skills.  These tests however, will not provide the individual with the ultimate answers, hence each test should be viewed in a subjective manner, and the person also needs to be open-minded, in order for him to fully notice the paranormal in him. Here are a few examples of psychic tests and exams.

The Telekinesis Test

A telekinesis test works just like a conventional coin-tossing contest.  However, the test consists of an algorithm that generates ones and zeroes, instead of the usual heads-or-tails.  The individual is tested if he or she can “telekinetically” influence the outcome of a coin flipping.

“Guess The Word” Quiz

In a Guess the Word Quiz, the individual is tested if he or she has possible remote viewing skills, by guessing a word rather than a picture.  The test though is not based on any academic or scientific research, but it's a great way for determining if the individual has better literal or visual skills.

Zener Cards

Zener cards are one of the most popular psychic testing tools used today.  The cards were designed by parapsychologist J.B. Rhine, whose studies on ESP, or extrasensory perception have become the official standard for such examinations.  Some variations of the Zener card feature a closed deck of 5 cards, which comprise of 5 groups of 5 cards each, and each card is randomly chosen from a deck that's shuffled at each turns.

The Sensitivity Test

The sensitivity test determines where the person is, in terms of how sensitive they are to subtle energies and perceptions.  According to psychic researchers, those who have a high level of sensitivity are considered to be naturally psychic, because they have the ability to pick up subtle information that usually cannot be detected by the five human senses. 

Mediating, visualizing, and performing any of the above-mentioned tests, can aid the individual in fully developing his or her budding psychic abilities and powers.  And because sharpening your psychic skills is just like learning how to sing, act or play any musical instrument, you need to constantly practice, and maintain a positive attitude, so that you’ll easily be able to fulfill your goals of becoming a full-pledge psychic.



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